Group program in Budapest

Lots of groups come to Budapest every day, some of them are big and some of them are small. They often come for some days, but very seldom for only one. But, this weekend we got to arrange the program for 60 persons from Denmark. Norwegian arranged a competition where one person could bring 40 friends to whatever city on their routes from Copenhagen. The winners decided to visit Budapest, and we were hosting the group from 09.00 in the morning until 20.00 in the evening (from arrival to departure).

Our danish friends of course had a danish guide showing them the city, but in addition they visited the Royal Spa (in Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal) which they had for themselves, they had their own boat on the Danube where lunch was served and then they enjoyed a meal in a Hungarian restaurant with gipsy music. A great day; rich in content and experiences!

Due to changes in the program we were only contacted concerning this four days before the group arrived. But it still became a day to remember! If you want us to help you and your group with similar programs, just contact us.

Some pictures from the day can be seen below.
Royal Spa Budapest Group programs Groups in Budapest Group program in Budapest

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