Vienna and Bratislava

We arrange day trips to both Bratislava and Vienna, but new since 2013 is the fact that we arrange a day-trip where you will visit both cities in one day. You leave Budapest at 8.00 in the morning and in addition to your driver you will have a hostess in the car giving you small information about both cities and who will give you useful advices on how to spend your time best way possible in both places. You will have about 3-4 hours to spend in both cities and the host will bring maps for you and show you some of the places worth visiting while out there.

Expected return to Budapest in the evening is around 21.00.

Day trip to Bratislava and Vienna

Prices for trip to Vienna and Bratislava with driver and hostess (two different persons)
2 persons: 300,000 HUF
3 persons: 300,000 HUF
4 persons: 350,000 HUF
5-6 persons: 350,000 HUF

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