Wine trip to Eger

Wine excursion to Eger

Hungary has 22 wine districts and one of the largest is Eger. The district is especially famous for its Bikaver, or Bullsblood, but during this wine district you will both taste and see and get to know much more about this interesting wine region in Hungary.

Eger is a city with about 55,000 inhabitants 130km to the north-east of Budapest. They have lots of wineries and quite a big selection of grapes growing in the area. They produce a mixture of mostly dry white and reds and some rose wines.

On the wine trip to Eger, which is arranged for private groups of minimum 4 participants, you will visit two different wineries in Eger. During the trip we will visit the winery of the winemaker who was selected to be the Gastro-Winemaker of the year in 2012 by the 50 best restaurant owners in Hungary. In addition to delivering wines to Hungarian restaurants he also deliver wine to several Gordon Ramsay restaurants in England.

The other winery we will visit is one of the largest in the area with grapes on more than 40 hectares. The winemaker was elected the winemaker of the year in Hungary in 2009 and he has also won lots of other awards.

Between the winery visits there will be time for a lunch and some time to walk in the center of Eger.

The trip starts from Budapest around 9.00-9.30 in the morning and we arrive back to Budapest around 18.00 in the evening. The prices (which you can see below) includes transportation, wine tastings, small tours at the wineries and a 2 course lunch.

Eger wine trip information

Price: 25,000-35,000 HUF per person (depending on amount of persons)
Availability: throughout the entire year

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