Bo18 Hotel Superior

The Bo18 Hotel Superior is a three star hotel with a very high standard. The hotel was opened in 2011 in a part of Budapest in which lots of work has been done recently and it now looks modern and very nice in the are around the hotel. Still, the hotel is located in an area which in general has a bad rumour in Budapest (the eigth district) so you should make sure to walk in the right direction as you go out for a dinner in the evening, if not you can end up in areas of Budapest you do not really want to walk in the night time.

The hotel has a 24 hour reception available, a parking lot available nearby, different saunas, LCD television screens in the different rooms. The hotel is located near the Corvin Negyed metro station (blue line) and they offer free WiFi to all its guests in the entire hotel.

Why choose Bo18 Hotel Superior?

It is a very nice and modern three star hotel, with low prices (because of its location) and lots of extra services available like the free WiFi. In the area around the hotel you will not find the most typical tourist restaurants, so as you leave the hotel in the evening you might end up in great places still not discovered by most tourists. The Corvin shopping mall is also just around the corner from the hotel, and there you can find the most typical fashion stores, so that might be a big plus for ladies and some men.

Why not choose Bo18 Hotel Superior?

The location is what ruins the chances to make Bo18 Hotel Superior a 100% winner and a place you can recommend fully and wholly. If you want to walk from the hotel to the very city centre with the most famous restaurants, the outdoor cafes, the Danube and so on you should prepare to walk for at least 15-20 minutes. But, if you can deal with that, go for it!

Bo18 Hotel Superior

1082 Budapest, Vajdahunyad utca 18.
Tel: (+ 36) 1 468 35 26

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