Car rental

Car rental BudapestWould you like to rent a car for your stay in Budapest? If so, we would like to come with some advices that you should consider before you do so.

Advices for car rental in Budapest

  • If you plan only to stay in Budapest, you will normally not need a car. The distances in the inner city are not to big, and if you need anything, the public transportation or a taxi will probably be more than enough.
  • There are lots of oneway streets in Budapest, so it can sometimes be quite difficult to get from A to B, if you do not know the exact way you would like to travel.
  • If you plan to travel around in Hungary, it can be brilliant to rent a car. It is easy to use the highways, and with your own rental car you can travel to Balaton, Sopron, Györ, Szeged, Debrecen, Eger… or wherever in Hungary, within a few hours drive from Budapest!

Where should I rent the car?

The easiet is probably to rent a car before you arrive, using the internet. There are lots of companies which can help you with this, and several companies are also located at the airport to make things even easier. At Ferihegy Airport you can find for example Budapest Car & Rental, Sixt, Hertz, Europcar, Avis, Denzel and Regina, so there should be plenty to choose between!