National theater

The construction of the national theater in Budapest as we know it today was started in September year 2000. The building was built in record speed and was finished after 15 months only. The theater is surrounded by a beautful park area, so even if you are not going to visit the theater itself, it is absolutely worth walking around in the area.

Earlier the National theater was located at Blaha Lujza square, very central in Budapest. After that it was moved to Sandor Hevesi square were it was located until year 2000, before it moved into its current facilities in year 2002. It is interesting that as you leave the main entrance of the current National theater you can walk onto something like a ship. In front of the ships bow you can see the silhouette of the former National theater located at Blaha Lujza square.

The nearest neighbor of the theater is the Palace of Arts which we will write more about in another article, but walking in the area between the buildings you can enjoy the view from a ziggurat or maybe get lost in the labyrinth located next to it.

National theater prices and information

If you would like to drop by the National theater to see a performance, that can easily be done. Tickets to the performances can be bought at It is worth knowing that this page is available only in Hungarian, and all theater performances inside the theater are held in Hungarian. But if you want to buy some tickets as a present to someone who understands Hungarian or maybe watch something where they do not speak to much, that can still be arranged at the given address.

The prices for the performances in the National theater varies between the diferent shows, but in general tickets cost somewhere between 2000-7000 HUF per ticket, depending on where you sit. You can also visit the ticket centre for the theater located in Andrassy Avenue 28 open on weekdays from 10.00-18.00.

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How to get to the National theater?

If you are a tourist, the easiest way is to use a taxi to get to the theater. If you want to use public transportation, you should take the idyllic tram line 2 to Vagohid (end station), tram 24 to Vagohid (end station) or tram 1 to Rakoczi bridge (Lagymanyosi bridge). If you come with car there is a large parking lot by the theater free to use for those with valid tickets.

What to eat near the National theater?

Do you want me to be honest? Nothing! The theater is located in an area packed with office buildings but with nothing else. The nearest restaurants which are located 1000 metres from the theater, are an Italian restaurant named Giusto and a Mcdonald’s. They are both located at Boraros square. Wisdom from Budablogger: Eat before you arrive!

Hotels near the National theater in Budapest.

National theater

1095 Budapest, Bajor Gizi park 1.
Tlf: +36 1 476 6800

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