Hungarian language

As a foreigner in Hungary you should not expect to understand to much of the Hungarian language. It is a Uralic language in the Ugric language group, distantly related to Finnish, Estonian and a number of other minority languages. Most people dropping by Hungary learn a couple of words only, while those living here often end up with only a little knowledge, if they do not invest energy and time in learning the language. If you do invest time, the language is not at all impossible, even though it is by some people ranked as the second, third and fourth hardest language in the world!

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Some important Hungarian words:
Yes – igen
No – nem
Cheers – egészségedre (egesjegeddre)
How are you? – hogy vagy? (hodj vadj)
I am …. – Én ….. vagyok (een ….. vadjok)

How hard is rellay Hungarian?
How hard a language is all depends on where you come from, and what your background is. But, below you can find out what British diplomats said concerning what language they found out to be the hardest in the world.

Apparently, British diplomats and other embassy staff have found that the second hardest language is Japanese, which will probably come as no surprise to many, but the language that they have found to be the most problematic is Hungarian, which has 35 cases (forms of a nouns according to whether it is subject, object, genitive, etc). This does not mean that Hungarian is the hardest language to learn for everyone, but it causes British diplomatic personnel, who are generally used to learning languages, the most difficulty.

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