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LaciPecsenye is one of the very cool and modern restaurant in Budapest in these days and after 1 ½ year located in Hegedus Gyula utca (13th district in Budapest) it recently moved into its new localities at a much better location, on the square in front of St Stephens Basilica. In this article you can find more information about LaciPecsenye, about the food and of course our thoughts on the restaurant.

Not long ago I spoke with my friend named Laci and I asked him about his favorite restaurants in Budapest. The result of the conversation turned into an article named Great restaurants near the St Stephens Basilica and there he referred to LaciKonyha (LaciPecsenye) as one of his great favorites. Since then I have been looking forward to visit the restaurant and recently I also got the chance.

As I have read about the restaurant on the net most reviews deal with things that happened in its former location in Hegedus Gyula street. The restaurant was supposed to move from there to CET (the glass whale building behind the Grand Market Hall), but since that building never seem to open, they have moved to Szent Istvan square in front of the basilica instead. Not a bad choice!

I went to LaciPecsenye with my family to eat a lunch. I ended up ordering a pumpkin soup followed by Pork belly with a small side dish, and for dessert I had a cheese cake. My friends ordered neck of veal, home made Hungarian sausage and chicken breast. I of course tasted the meals of my friends as well, so as I went home I had tasted quite a wide specter of the food available in the restaurant. It is worth knowing that the menu changes all the time, so next time I drop by I will probably not be able to get any of these dishes anymore.

Starter in LaciKonyha (LaciPecsenye) – home made Hungarian sausage

The starters came first (what a surprise) and the soup smiled at me, and I smiled back. The sausage did not smile, but it was really tasty – and more than enough considering it a starter. The three main courses were all interesting and my favorite was the chicken breast which was truly enjoyable, tasty and not at all dry and boring (as it can be in many restaurants around). The neck of veal was juicy and the pork belly I ordered myself was perfectly spiced and grilled. The side dishes were just as good, and just like in MAK Bistro some weeks ago I took what was left of bread at the table and took leftover sauce from the meat and rolled my bread in it, and ate it afterwards. For dessert I had a simple cheese cake, and there were no mistakes with this. It was tasty, just like cheese cakes around in most other places, so no big plus, and no big minus.

LaciPecsenye judgment

As I wrote about MAK Bistro I introduced myself as a guy not really into the gourmet dining. I just like to eat, and often a lot. In LaciPecsenye you get to eat great food, tasty and interesting, but not the large portions you will get in the traditional Hungarian restaurants. But maybe that is an advantage, because you are able to walk home by yourself and you do not need to button up your jeans to make space for your stomach while eating. We ordered what I mentioned earlier in the text and we all had one drink and the final bill (to which they automatically added the service fee) was a bit above 20,000 HUF. That is not a very high price for top gastronomy in Budapest, especially not if you are a tourist with lots of money in your pocket. We can warmly recommend LaciPecsenye when you come to Budapest, maybe after a visit to the St Stephens Basilica.

Open kitchen in LaciPecsenye

LaciPecsenye information

Address: 1051 Budapest, Sas utca 11
Tlf: +36-70 370-7474
Opening times: 12.00-24.00

LaciPecsenye – about themselves

The waiters in LaciPecsenye are mostly guys, all in their best age and quite cool in their style. They all have LaciPecsenye t-shirts, and on those you can for example read: „Real men eat meat” and our favorite „Vegetarian is a person who only eat side dishes.” The guys at LaciPecsenye describe their own restaurant as a refined contemporary bistro with food based on local traditions with dishes prepared on the grill with menu changing daily. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

LaciPecsenye pictures

We made quite some pictures during our visit to the restaurant, so if you want to see more pictures than the ones published in this article, go visit our picture gallery from LaciPecsenye.

What others have written about LaciPecsenye

A very trendy place with designer graffiti and one of Hungary’s best equipped kitchen… Long forgotten recipes and raw materials are restored to their former glory, and even foreign dishes are cooked with understanding.„ Gault&Millau 2012

With the latest technology and creative innovation, you are sure to find something quite different here every day.” Dining Guide 2012

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