India Pirro

This restaurant is not the one you would normally just bump into during your stay. It is located in the center, but still in a very quiet and peaceful area. Not far from the St. Stephans Basilica you will find India Pirro, and inside the restaurant you will be met by polite servants and a modern design. This restaurant is not so “popular”, we do not know why, because they serve very good food, and the portions are normally very big.

The menu gives you several possibilities, but the biggest part of it is made of of Indian food. Besides this you can also enjoy a very good Ceasar Salad and some more “Hungarian” courses. If you plan to visit several restaurants in Budapest, this could be an interesting try if you want to go a little bit away from the more touristic restaurants.

India Pirro

Address: 1051 Budapest, Hercegprímás u. 18
Metro stop: Arany János Utca (blue Metro)

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