Coffeeshop Company

The coffeeshop company serves our favorite hot chocolate in Budapest, and they have very good coffee and some good cakes and snacks as well. The first coffeeshop was located at Kalvin Square, and since then Coffeeshop Company can also be found in the Vaci Utca and in the Arena Plaza.

Coffeeshop Company Kalvin Square

Address: 1080 Budapest, Múzeum körút 41
Metro stop: Kalvin Tér (blue metro)

Coffeeshop Company Vaci Utca

Address: Vaci Utca
Metro stop: Ferenciek Tere (blue metro)

Coffeeshop Company Arena Plaza

Address: Arena Plaza
Metro stop: Nyugati Palyaudvar (red metro)

Coffeeshop Company pictures

One thought on “Coffeeshop Company

  1. Viktor says:

    Today I visited this coffeeshop near Kálvin tér. I didn’t manage to get 2 sandwiches 2 juices and 2 coffees in 20 minutes though I explained the attendant that I was in a hurry. I got very furious and then the attendant explained to me that on weekends she works alone and first she has to take all the orders and only then is she allowed to start preparing what has been ordered. Nice, isn’t it? Not that they can’t afford one more attendant with the prices they have. Very unrecommended…

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