Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe has finally arrived to Budapest. The first restaurant opened in the center of Budapest, at Vörösmarty Square December 14th, 2011 – and it has for sure had some great days in the start with loads of visitors all the time (since the biggest Christmas Market in Budapest is located at the square). In Hard Rock Cafe you can see objects owned or used by celebrities (such as objects from Madonna, Prince and other superstars), you can buy the traditional Hard Rock Cafe objects, and you can of course eat delicious American food; juicy hamburgers and other snacks!

The prices at Hard Rock Cafe are not too high, they are quite similar to the ones you will find at for example Friday’s. If you would like to visit the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant in Budapest, you simply need to head over to Vörösmarty Tér (end station of the yellow metro), and on the corner between the square and the shopping street Vaci Utca, you will find the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant.

If you have been there, please share your comments on the hamburgers, the atmosphere and whatever.

Hard Rock Cafe Budapest
Address: 1051 Budapest, Deák Ferenc street 3-5

Ps: It can be quite useful to know that we had to wait a very long time for this Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest. As you can see from the comments on this page, you will notice that we have been waiting, waiting, and waiting. So now, as Hard Rock Cafe has finally opened in Budapest, this is a real joy for us!

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11 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe

  1. Patricia says:

    okay, on the Hard Rock website it states Budapest winter of 2010. Is there an actual location under construction or a merchandise shop official to Hard Rock in Budapest? If so, can you provide the street information that it is on? Thank you, Patricia

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    The Hard Rock cafe t-shirt can be bought at the Gellert Hill in the stands there. But, on cold days they are often closed, so you better check it out on a sunny day!

  3. charlotte says:

    I went to Budapest last summer but I didn’t buy this shirt because i wanted to have a real hard rock cofee and not a fake bought in a gift shop but now I repent! Do you know how can i have this shirt by internet? Thank!

  4. Doc says:

    Good news people! Hard Rock is comming to town at last! This december they are opening their place at Vörösmarty square and it’s gonna be huge! 😀 So it is time to get those original shirts. Come to Budapest and have a good time with us!

  5. juhasz martha says:

    -hm……..dont like their concept,destroying old beatiful interiors.In Stockholm ;Restaurang Monopol earlier with kristal lights etc was demolished.
    The same happened now in one of the most beatiful Art Deco Buildning in Budapest.Its al about mony……..

  6. juhasz martha says:

    -I meant restaurang METROPOL not Monopol,and Hungary had 40 years of uggly Kommunist period-lets leave whats left from the earlier beatiful arkitekture…………….

  7. Joyce Dudeck says:

    Can we purchase shirts or glasses to be mailed to Kansas in the USA on line? How much would it cost to mail to us. Thanks

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