New York Confectionary

The New York Hotel is a five star hotel, and its confectionary and café is well known for its delicious cakes and coffee. The building is beautiful, and it doesn’t only seem expensive from the outside, but it feels expensive as well, at least compared to prices at other similar places in Budapest. But, you do not only pay for what you eat and drink, but also for sitting surroundings where lot’s of famous Hungarians have been sitting before you. Writes wrote their books here, and instead of paying for their drinks, they gave them what they wrote!

At New York a cup of coffee starts at prices around 6 Euro, or 1500 Forint, and the editors oppinion is that it is not worth so much money. But feel free to try it, and hopefully you will enjoy your stay more than the editor did!

New York Confectionary

Address: Erzsébet Krt 9-11 – 1073 Budapest
Metro stop: Blaha Lujza Tér (red Metro)

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