Baraka Restaurant

Baraka Restaurant & Lounge is located in the building of the five star Hotel Andrássy. It is a luxury restaurant, not far away from the Heroes Square. It is by many considered a great restaurant in Budapest.

Baraka is not the restaurant for picky people, as all courses contain some kind of ingredients that gives the meal a special taste. For people who like gourmet restaurants this is great, but for those who like easier restaurants, with more standarized meals, this is not a place to visit. We have though received great feedback from guests who have eaten in Baraka, but probably they liked this kind of food! The interior at Baraka is really nice, and the lamps, the tables, the sofas… it is worth a visit.


Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 111.
Metro stop: Bajza Utca (yellow metro)

Barake restaurant pictures

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