Spoon Cafe & Lounge

Spoon has a brilliant location in Budapest as it is located on a boat on the Danube, and looking out the windows you can see the beautiful castle, Gellert Hill, Chain Bridge and other attractions. From the mens room you can even watch the castle while using the urinals.

The food at Spoon tastes good, but we felt as if the portions were a little bit small compared to the price. The menu at Spoon contains mostly special courses, so for families with picky children it might be hard to find something that the children will like. What we enjoyed the most at Spoon was the desserts (we ate a Brownie a’ la Spoon and Cinnamon flavoured apple rings in pastry coat with homemade nut ice cream). Pictures can be seen below!

Spoon Budapest

Address: 1052 Budapest, Vigadó tér peer 3
Metro stop: Vörösmarty Tér (yellow metro)

Spoon pictures

2 thoughts on “Spoon Cafe & Lounge

  1. Lars says:

    I have been eating twice in Spoon now, and I am still not too impressed with the quality. The view is beautiful, but to me the food is nothing more than quite okay. The service is very good! By the way, the mens-toilet (or to be exact, the pissoirs) have an amazing view!

  2. Csillag says:

    I’ve spent an amazing evening there with my friends. It’s not all gone about the view, the service and the food was also perfect. Thanks Spoon!

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