In the well known Disney film “Lady and the Tramp” we meet the singing waiters romantically singing as they serve the food. We have good news for you. Such waiters do not only exist on the screen, but also in the real world. You can find them in Budapest, next to the State Opera.

The people serving you are preparing to become opera singers, and a part of their preparation is serving the guests of the restaurant as they show their talents.

The price level is below Gundel, but above the restaurants as the Ferenc Liszt Square. But it is worth some money just experiencing the singing waiters (they start singing around 20:00 every evening).


Prices: From 4000 Ft and up
Address: 1061 Budapest, Dalszínház Street 8
Metro stop: Opera (yellow Metro)

Belcanto pictures

Belcanto video

2 thoughts on “Belcanto

  1. Kriszti says:

    We were dissapointed by the food we ate in Belcanto. Some friends told us that they truly enjoyed the restaurant, but for us this not at all a big success!

  2. Bjørg og Odd Brandt +6 says:

    I, together with my family, celebrated my birthday that evening we were there, and the waitors song a birthday song for me. I think this was very funny and I thank you for that. My children, my husband and my grandchildren thougt it was funny too. The food was great, and the drinks were good. And it was a very good service. THANK YOU.

    Best regards Bjørg, Odd, Eva, Morten, Hanne, Lars, Andrea and Renè.

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