Matyas Pince

The Matyas Pince has served its guests since 1904, and is a very popular restaurant among the visitors of Budapest. It is named after King Matthias, who also gave name to the Matthias Church. It is placed by the banks of Danube, just next to the Elisabeth Bridge. They offer a wide selection of selected wines, and they are very proud of their fishsoup, a Hungarian specialty. You should also notice the decoration of the restaurant on the inside, its very nice!

The restaurant has live gipsy music every evening, but for those interested in folklore they offer a small show to their guests every Wednesday and Thursday evening at 20.00. New since 2011 is that Mátyás Pince has Hungarian operette evenings every Friday evening start at 20.30. If you plan to go there, make sure to reserve a table!

Mátyás Pince

Address: 1056 Budapest, Március 15. tér 7-8
Metro stop: Ferenciek Tere (blue metro)

Unfortunately, this restaurant hasn’t been able to reopen after COVID-19.

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Matyas Pince
Matyas Pince
Matyas Pince Budapest
Matyas Pince Budapest

3 thoughts on “Matyas Pince

  1. Kriszti says:

    I came to Mátyás Pince to eat Hungarian food, and to experience Hungary. After eating a Gulyas Soup, Chicken Paprika and eating Rétes for dessert my mission had been accomplished. In addition they had gipsy music in the background, and it was not so loud that it turned annoying, but it was quite nice in fact. I might not return to the place, but for the sake of tasting Hungary this place was perfect.

  2. John says:

    The show was great, though the menu was a bit boring and had a hard time finding something that I wanted to eat, but for people who like goose live and other Hungarian dishes with some gourment spirit added to it, this can be good.

  3. tauventalain. says:

    bon restaurant un peu cher mais bonne cuisine et excellente musique tzigane soirée du 29/01/11
    (good restaurant a bit expensive but good food and excellent evening of gypsy music 29/01/11)

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