Nádor Borétterem

If you want good wine and good food in Budapest, Nádor Winerestaurant might be the place to go. Here you can eat delicious and traditional Hungarain courses in nice surroundings. The restaurant has a sommelier available at most times who can give special advices on wine.

We have a very good cooperation with this restaurant and can offer great menu combinations, winetasting (with 5-10 different wines) with dinner and similar, so contact us for more information about this. We can arrange menus here from 10 Euro.

Nádor Borétterem

Address: 1053 Budapest, Nádor utca 30

Would you like us to reserve a table for you free of charge at this restaurant? Go to our table reservation page and fill in the forms there.

Nador Winerestaurant pictures

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