Pesti Lámpás

People often ask us if we can recommend a good restaurant in the center of Budapest, that is not full of tourists. This might be the one you are looking for. Located nearby the Ferenciek Square, where you find for example the Karpatia restaurant, this restaurant is a little bit hidden away and the normal Budapesttourist does not drop by this restaurant.

This restaurant has an indoor and an outdoor part, and we strongly recommend you to sit outside in the buildings backyard. In the evening time there is live music, and a glass roof which means you are safe even though it might rain outside. The food is delicious and the prices are at an affordable level! The waiters speak good english and everything is prepared for you to enjoy a good meal at Pesti Lámpás.

Pesti Lámpás

Address: Károlyi Mihály u. 12.
Metro stop: Ferenciek Tere (blue metro)

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  1. John says:

    I enjoyed this restaurant and the prices were okay, but it was impossible to get in touch with them beforehand, so we just dropped by and hoped for a free table!

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