Book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Would you like to book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest? How to reserve a table in this popular Budapest restaurant? Look no further, the solution is right here!

Maybe you have read a positive review of Sir Lancelot Budapest online, or maybe a friend or some other family member have told you an amazing story about what’s going on in Sir Lancelot evening after evening? It doesn’t matter who told you something, what really matters is that you need to reserve a table to actually get a free table on the evening you are interested in.

We can help you book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest
Reserve a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Well, here you can book your table in Sir Lancelot. Fill in the forms beneath, and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours confirming the table reservation.

You should notice that Sir Lancelot is packed in the evenings, and that is why they run their “show” in two sequences. You will, therefore, need to book your table from the time period between 18.00-21.00 or from 21.00 to 24.00. It is okay to book from 19.00-21.00 as well, but if you are a large group, it might be smart to arrive a bit earlier so that you will have plenty of time to finish your meal before you have to leave at 21.00.

Book a table in Sir Lancelot Budapest

Fill in the forms beneath, and make sure to select Sir Lancelot as your restaurant from the list of restaurants in which we can help you book a table in Budapest.

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    Do not forget to make your reservation according to the instructions earlier, meaning from either 18.00, 18.30 or from 19.00 (lasting until 21.00), or from 21.00 until midnight. Arrival at 20.00 is mostly impossible, so it isn’t worth trying!

    We hope you will enjoy your meal in Sir Lancelot Budapest.

    Want to know more about Sir Lancelot Budapest before you book a table?

    Did you know that Sir Lancelot is a medieval restaurant in Budapest? It is not in the very heart of the city center, but you can easily get there on foot from the central parts of Pest. It isn’t especially far from the Hungarian Parliament, from the Western Railway-station, and from the St. Stephen’s Basilica.

    Sir Lancelot is known for serving giant portions, and during an evening in the restaurant, you can experience sword-fights, belly dancing, and a whole lot of fun. Many larger groups order big plates of food for six or eight people, and then they sit down and eat together from the big plates. But, it is also possible to order one by one and eat whatever you have picked yourself from the menu.

    How much does a meal cost in Sir Lancelot?

    If you decide to buy a menu for yourself containing appetizer, starter, main course and dessert, you will find that the price for such a menu is between 7000 and 12,000 HUF. But, they also have large plates for bigger groups. These are packed with food, and the plate for two persons cost around 14,000 HUF, while the plate for six persons costs around 36,000 HUF. They also have more exclusive plates with more meat and interesting ingredients, and the price is then also a bit more expensive.

    If you decide to just order simple meals from the menu, the price of a the main courses in Sir Lancelot in general vary between 3000 HUF and 6000 HUF.

    You can read more about Sir Lancelot right here. If you want to read more about other restaurants in Budapest, or maybe find out more about possible wine programs in Budapest, click the link.

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