Verne Restaurant has a perfect location in Vaci Utca, and this is a super typical tourist restaurant. Verne has everything a tourist needs on its menu, meaning you can find salads, pizza, traditional Hungarian courses and some traditional deserts, making this an ideal place if you want to find something everyone will like. The price level is very nice, so a pizza cost 1200 HUF while most main courses cost between 1500-3000 HUF. The drinks are not too expensive either, so even though this is a tourist restaurant, it can work very well for many people, especially young groups.

The interior is not at all our favorite. It has a submarine feeling, so if you are into submarines you might like it, but the seating is not very comfortable and when we visited the place the service was neither at its best. But the pizza was good, so in some way we were satisfied, but this will not be our new favorite place in Budapest, for sure!

Verne Restaurant
1056 Budapest, Váci utca. 60.
Metro: Ferenciek tere

Verne Restaurant in Budapest
Verne Restaurant in Budapest

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