Il Patio

Il Patio is an Italian restaurant chain in Budapest, and they have three different restaurants located around in Budapest. In Il Patio you can eat different salads, pizza, pasta, spaghetti and other Italian specialities. This is a place where you get quite a lot of food for a cheap price. A pizza costs around 1500 Forint, and for 250 Forint more you get cheeze in the crust as well!

For dessert here we ate a Banana Split (900 Ft), and it tasted just as a Banana Split should, and compared to many other restaurants, the price was not at all high. For us Il Patio is a place we know we get good food, and we also know that some money will remain in the wallet as we leave the restaurant.

All Il Patio restaurant are now closed down, so you can no longer find Il Patio around.

Il Patio pictures

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