Lunch&Dinner menus

It is always good to enjoy an a la carte meal in a restaurant, picking the food for yourself. But there are times when it is so nice just to sit down and know that the food will be placed on the table soon, and you do not even have to look at the menu.

Here you will find some different lunch and dinner menus available in Budapest. Some menus include drinks, while others only include the preset menu. If you want to book any of these menus, just fill in the forms beneath and get read for some good lunches and dinners in Budapest.

Lunch offers

Lunch near Andrassy
If you look for a restaurant which is not packed with tourists, this might be the place for you. The restaurant is located between Oktogon and the Heroes Square (150 meters from the Andrassy ut). This menu is available from 12.00 until 16.00.

Goulash soup
Slice of pork with mushroom sauce (Bakonyi style) and dumplings
Dessert of the day

Price: 4500 HUF per person
(the price includes one glass of beer)

Dinner offers

Central, but quiet!
This restaurant has space for totally 30 guests and it is very quiet. The interior is nice, the service is good and things happen at a slow pace. The restaurant is near the Kalvin square.

Smoked Trout from Szilvásvárad, on a galette with creamed horseradish
Gulyás Soup with mini  pinched noodles
Paprika Pork Medallions with dilled cottage-cheese dumplings
Mixed strudel with cinnamon sauce

Price: 12000 HUF per person
(the price includes some water, 2 glasses of wine and a coffee for the dessert)

Five course dinner with six wines
Near the Ferenciek square this wine restaurant is located where you can enjoy five traditional Hungarian dishes accompanied by six Hungarian wines. The wines are given a small introduction by the waiter.

Goose liver pathèe
Tarragoun ragout soup of veal
Grilled Catfish with fresh salad
Venison stew with potato croquettes
Crepes with fresh fruit filling with vanilla sauce

Price: 13,000 HUF per person
(the price includes the five course dinner and six glasses of wine)

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