Donatella’s Kitchen

Donatella’s Kitchen is an upper class italian restaurant in Budapest, and they serve you great italian food in nice surroundings. The restaurant which opened in 2008 has become a very popular one, so they recommend everyone to reserve a table beforehand.

As we ate in Donatellas Kitchen we had a 1-metre pizza (picture below) and two deserts. Everything tasted superbly, and especially the deserts. We had the sweet pizza (picture below) and a trio of italian classics (panna cotta, cream caramel and chocolate flan). That was simply delicious, and we were only sorry that the portion was so small!

It seems to us that DOnatellas has left planet earth. After moving from Király Utca 30 they were supposed to start up their restaurant in New York Palace, but that never seemed to have happened!! Today a Trofea Grill restaurant can be found in Kiraly Utca 30-32

Donatellas Kitchen pictures

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