Which is the best beer in Hungary?

Best Hungarian BeerNowadays there are all kinds of, various types of beers available everywhere which might make the decision on a beer more difficult. So in this article you can read about the best Hungarian beers.

The most typical and well known Hungarian beer is Arany Ászok which was first produced in 1924. It is one of the cheapest beers you can get in the stores and in the pubs as well. Arany Ászok is a pilsener style lager, the colour of the beer is really clear and golden brown. The taste of the beer is a little bitter and it has a weak flavour and the alcohol content of the beer is 4.3%. The other famous Hungarian beer is Soproni which has different flavours (lemon, cherry so on). It is also a pilsener style beer and just like Arany Ászok it also has a golden brown colour but its alcohol content is 4.5%. Borsodi Világos is the third most popular Hungarian beer in Hungary. Borsodi was first produced in 1973 in the Northern part of the country. It is also a pilsner style light beer with 4.6% alcohol content like most of the beers produced in Hungary. Borsodi also comes in different flavours nowadays, the most popular flavour is lemon after the original taste. All of these beverages are typical Hungarian beers which you can easily buy any of the the stores or pubs in Hungary usually for really cheap.

Besides these three beer types Dreher is also a very famous and popular beer brand in Hungary. If you have tasted all these four types, you have tasted the four most popular and famous beers in Hungary!

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