Chain Bridge Festival

Would you like to celebrate the most famous and popular bridge in Budapest? On September 16th, 2023, there will be a big celebration at the bridge and in the areas surrounding the bridge. The highlight will be a giant concert at Clark Adam Square starting at 19.30 in the evening, but during daytime, there will be other programs for kids and adults, especially on the lower road along the Danube on the Pest side.

The Chain Bridge has always been a fantastic monument in the city of Budapest since its opening in 1849. At first, you had to pay a fee to cross the bridge, but today, the bridge is a bridge for everyone. Luckily, the big construction work has also been finished, resulting in the bridge functioning as it should on most days, except for September 16th on which it will be closed due to all the programs taking place in the area.

Many Hungarian stars will perform at the concert between 19.30 and 22.00 in the evening, but there will be other food trucks and children’s programs in the streets near the bridge. There will also be additional events near Fövam Square this weekend due to European Mobility Week. Here you can join walking tours, and test electric rollers, kids can play in a bus packed with toys, and there will be many other programs on this occasion.

Chain Bridge Festival 2023 (Lanchid Fesztival)

Date: September 16, 2023
Location(s): Pesti Also Rakpart, Chain Bridge, Clark Adam Square.

This is going to be a fantastic event in Budapest and you can dance along to the rhythms of the concert in the evening. If you want to read more about other events, concerts, and exhibitions in Budapest, look at our Budapest calendar. Do not forget that we can help you with airport transfers in Budapest, table reservations, and other activities besides giving you a whole lot of practical information.