Cool Cafe: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Cool Cafe

1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 12

Cool Fagylalt & Kávé (Cool icecream & coffee) is a quite new cafe in the centre of Budapest, in Petöfi Sandor utca. It was opened August 2010, and here you can get good ice cream, and of course nice cakes at quite okay prices. The interior is very modern, so this is not the „old-fashioned confectionary” style, like for example Gerbeaud or Alexandra Bookcafe. We found it quite enjoyable, though this place seems to be empty most of the day, meaning not enough guests. Some of us have been there several times, and the jam  in the Ischler is „fresher” than most other places, so that gives the Ischler a high score at Cool Cafe!

While most confectionaries in Budapest close around 18.00 or 19.00 Cool Cafe keeps open until 21.00 and 22.00, which gives this place a plus point in our books!

Cool Cafe score

Price vs. quality:8/10
Total average:30/40

Comments from the jury:
“Best Ischler in town”
“Easy to find a seat, always empty…”
“Very modern interior, and open until late in the evening”
“Delicious icecream in addition to the good cakes”

Some Cool Cafe pictures: