Coronation Mantle – Exhibition in the National Museum

Those who travel to Hungary, could have amazing experience in the whole year. The required programs are to see the Parliament, the Buda Castle, the River Danube with all of the bridges, especially the most famous, the Chain Bridge and naturally any of the museums, particularly the National Museum.

There are several amazing exhibition in the Hungarian National Museum, which show the whole Hungarian History from the Prehistory, trough the Conquest, until the end of the regime in 1990. There is a very special historical relic here, the Coronation mantle, which was the property of the first king of the Hungarians, Saint Steve I. The beautifully designed robe was presented by Saint Steve I.’s wife, who was the first queen of Hungarians, Queen Giselle to the St. Mary’s Church in Székesfehérvár in 1031. The robe was made from a bell shaped, closed vestment, and it represents Jesus Christ, King Steve, Queen Giselle and Prince Imre in beautiful way. It is a beautiful and very old treasure, what is the pride of the Hungarian nation, so when somebody visit to this small but very nice country and especially to the capital, Budapest, it worth to go to the National Museum and see the Coronation robe.

The National Museum located in a very beautiful place, in the Museum Garden, so it gives a great opportunity to those, who want to eat their lunch under the sky before or after the exhibition. Have fun!

Coronation Mantle

Hungarian National Museum
Permanent exhibition