How to watch the Winter Olympics in Budapest?

Will you be in Budapest beween February 7th and February 23rd? That is the time when the Winter Olympics will be arranged in Sochi, and with lots of Germans who might win Gold Medals, you probably want to watch your favorite athletes as they compete in Sochi. But, how to watch the Winter Olympics in Budapest?

If you want to watch it on TV you can for example watch EuroSport in your hotel. But, they will not send everything all the time, so if you want to have more to pick from, why not go and watch the Winter Olympics in Budapest at a sports pub instead?

For those who would rather watch the Winter Olympics in front of your computer screen, meaning that you want to watch the Winter Olympics online, and then hopefully with English voices giving you the latest reports and news, then that can be done. However, most English channels broadcasting from the Winter Olympics use a geo-block, so that viewers outside their nation can not watch it online. That can be bypassed luckily, and if you want to know more about how to watch from the Winter Olympics with English commentaries online, read the linked article.

Good luck, and have fun!