Bryan Adams Budapest

Did you know that Bryan Adams has had one of his biggest concerts in history in Budapest? He is deeply loved by the Hungarians and as a free concert was arranged at the Heroes Square in Budapest in 2019, more than 100,000 people came to enjoy the show. Were you one of them? Would you like to see and hear Bryan Adams as he returns to Budapest in October 2024?

Bryan Adams will travel all across Europe in 2024 on his “So Happy It Hurts Tour.” He will start in the United Kingdom, and then travel to countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands during his tour. But, the highlight is of course the Bryan Adams concert in Budapest.

The concert is arranged in the fantastic MVM Dome, located next to the main road connecting the inner city of Budapest with the popular airport. This venue is often used for sports events, but on October 14, 2024, this venue is all about the fantastic and legendary singer and guitarist, Bryan Adams.

Bryan Adams concert in Budapest

Date: October 12, 2024
Location: MVM Dome
Tickets: Viagogo (this is a marketplace where you can buy tickets from others)

This is one of many fantastic concerts in Budapest this autumn. Maybe you want to come and listen to Andre Rieu or Andrea Bocelli in the MVM Dome later this autumn? Or are you planning on returning to Budapest to experience the Christmas markets in November or December? You can read much more about what’s going on in Budapest by clicking the link.

Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2024

There will be lots of fantastic concerts in Budapest and in the MVM Dome this autumn. We already know that André Rieu is coming, but another fantastic and magnificent artist coming to the MVM Dome in November is Andrea Bocelli. Maybe you could travel to Budapest and enjoy both these concerts? That would end up being one fantastic November, wouldn’t it?

The MVM Dome is the new and popular venue located along the Üllöi road. This is the main road connecting the inner city of Budapest with the airport, which again means it is easy to travel to the venue both from the city and from the airport. If you come with public transportation, the closest metro station is Népliget on the blue metro line in Budapest.

Andrea Bocelli is a world-renowned Italian tenor celebrated for his powerful voice and emotional performances. Born on September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Tuscany, Bocelli has captivated audiences around the globe with his incredible vocal range and heartfelt interpretations of classical, opera, and popular music. Even though he lost his sight at an age of 12, he hasn’t let that stop him from becoming one of the most beloved singers of our age.

Andrea Bocelli Budapest 2024

  • Date: November 23
  • Location: MVM Dome
  • Tickets: Viagogo

If you want to buy tickest for the concert, try buying it from the official ticket selling agencies first. But, normally all tickets for concerts such as this (and the André Rieu concert) are sold within a few hours, making it impossible to buy tickets from the official sources. Viagogo is a marketplace where people buy and sell tickets from others, making it the best solution if you are desperate to get a ticket even though they are all sold.

What else to do in Budapest?

Budapest has plenty of programs available all-year-round. And, as Andrea Bocelli comes in November 2024, the annual Christmas markets at the Vörösmarty Square and the one in front of the St. Stephen’s Basilica have opened. As a result, you got a brilliant chance to drink real how wine, eat some Hungarian sausage, taste the legendary kürtöskalács (Chimney cake), and also listen to Andrea Bocelli. Do you need any better excuse to visit Budapest?

If you want to experience other programs and events in Budapest, read more about what’s going on in Budapest here.

André Rieu Budapest

It has been seven years since André Rieu last visited Budapest, but finally, he is returning again. On November 9, he will come to the magnificent MVM Dome together with the Johan Strauss orchestra. This is a fabulous opportunity to see and hear a legend in the world of classical music today.

An André Rieu concert is always special because of the big orchestra and choir that he brings along, and because he always invite special artists to perform during these events. This is a wonderful chance to see the beautiful buildings and attractions of Budapest with a classical concert that will warm your heart and soul before Christmas. Unfortunately, the Christmas markets in Budapest will not open this early (most likely one week later), but you can still visit popular stores and bring some tasty white wine from Tokaj or Hungarian sausage that will bring joy and laughter to your Christmas dinner.

André Rieu was born in Maastricht in the Netherlands in 1949, the same year that Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie, Meryl Streep, and the Republic of China were born. He received his internationally breakthrough after creating the Johan Strauss Orchestra in 1987, and he has since then traveled the world frequently. It is quite amazing that André Rieu at an age of 75 will tour throughout all of 2024, with the final concert being arranged in Antwerp in Belgium in January 2025.

André Rieu Budapest 2024

  • Date: November 9
  • Location: MVM Dome

The MVM Dome is a fantastic venue in Budapest. It is very new and has only been in use for a couple of years. Budapest Sportarena was the most popular indoor venue in Budapest for many years, but MVM Dome is now the newest and “coolest” indoor concert venue in Budapest. Besides being used for concerts, it also hosts sports events such as the EHF Final 4 (handball), and other big events.

Where can I buy tickets for the André Rieu concert in Budapest?

It only took a couple of hours for the tickets to the André Rieu concert in Budapest to be sold out. In other words, there are no more tickets availabe for the tickets. But, if you really want to be there, then it is possible to buy tickets from others at the popular ticket marketplace Viagogo. There you can also buy tickets for all the other André Rieu concerts across Europe in 2024.

How can I travel to the MVM Dome using public transportation?

It is very easy to travel to the MVM Dome with public transportation. You need a public transportation ticket, and then you can use the metro system and travel with the blue line to either Nepliget or Ecséri út. The concert venue can be reached within less than 500 meters of walking from the two mentioned metro stations.

Are there any other things happening in Budapest?

You can read more about other events and happenings in Budapest in our Budapest calendar.

30 Seconds to Mars concert in Budapest

On the sixteenth day of May, on what will hopefully be a fantastic day with beautiful weather, 30 Seconds to Mars will come to Budapest to perform in the beautiful MVM Dome located along the main road connecting Budapest Airport with the city center. The venue is frequently used for sports events, and only two weeks later it will be used for the EHF Final 4, the event in which the four best female handball teams in Europe compete for the Champions League trophy.

But, on May 16, everything is about 30 Seconds to Mars as Jared Leto and his brother come to perform in Budapest. The band is incredibly popular and their most-played song on Spotify (The Kill) has been listened to more than 500,000,000 times. The second-most popular song is This is War which has been listened to more than 200,000,000 times.

We don’t know what songs the band will play in Budapest, but they will likely play their most popular songs, including both The Kill and This Is War.

30 Seconds to Mars concert in Budapest 2024.

Date: May 16.
Location: MVM Dome

Where can I buy tickets for the concert?

The official ticket dealer is LiveNation. If you want to buy a ticket for the concert, that is the website you should visit. Are you late and have trouble finding tickets? You can always buy tickets from others at the largest marketplace for tickets online named Viagogo.

Are there any other events in Budapest at this time of the year?

There are always lots of things happening in Budapest and you can read more about all of them in our Budapest calendar. If you look around in our Budapest Guide, you can also find information about the most popular attractions in the city, the coolest activities, river cruises on the Danube, wine-tasting programs, and much more.

EHF Final 4 Budapest 2024

The finals of the Champions League in handball for women is held in Budapest every year. It is a fantastic weekend with the four best handball teams in Europe competing for the trophy. It only makes it all the more fun that the Hungarian team Györ normally ends up among the best teams, meaning that the locals are present cheering for their own team.

The final matches are played in the brand-new MVM Dome in Budapest. It is located along the main road connecting Budapest Airport with the city center, close to Groupama Arena (where the best Hungarian football team named Ferencváros plays their matches).

If you want to buy event tickets, it can be done at this page. The cheapest tickets for the entire weekend costs approximately 25,000 HUF, but if you want to sit closer to the action or have a VIP ticket, it is not hard to find more expensive tickets.

EHF Final 4 Budapest 2024

Dates: June 1 – June 2
Location: MVM Dome

Would you like to know more about other Budapest events? Take a look at this page.

Who will play in the EHF Final 4 in 2024?

It is going to be a fantastic weekend for those in love with handball. The team that has won the Champions League in handball for women in the recent years (Vipers Kristiansand) lost against the Hungarian team Györ in the quarter-finals, which means some other team will win this year. But, will it be the Hungarian team Györ, Esbjerg from Denmark, Metz from France, or Bietigheim from Germany? Which team will you cheer for?

Want a hotel near the MVM Dome?

Would you like to live in a hotel very close to the venue? Here you have some recommendations only a few minutes on foot from the MVM Dome.

  • Hotel Millennium: Not a great hotel, but very close to the venue and quite cheap. The hotel closest to the venue.
  • Dean’s College Hotel: Approximately a 15-minute walk from the MVM Dome. A quite new hotel.

Other Budapest recommendations

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