Will it cause any problems if I only bring big notes to Hungary?

I will be travelling to Budapest this week and I exchanged some HUF in my country. The only banknotes the bank provided me were are of 10.000 HUF and 2.000 HUF. Will I be facing problems when paying with this money?

100HUF coin in BudapestThank you for your excellent question. It is well known that smaller shops and at stands in the Great Market Hall the sellers do not enjoy big notes. The biggest note in Hungary is the 20,000 HUF, then comes the 10,000 HUF note, followed by the 5,000 HUF, the 2000HUF, the 1000HUF and the 500HUF. If you got a mixture of 10,000HUF and 2000HUF notes you have been very lucky because both work very well at most places. Lots of other people only get 20,000HUF notes and those are too big for many smaller stores, taxi drivers and similar. But, in your case you should not need to worry at all!

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