Christmas in Budapest

Many people come to Budapest because of the Christmas Market, but most people go home in good time before December 24. In this section, we will focus in on activities for those stuck in Budapest between December 22 and December 26 and give some information about programs available in that Christmas period. It is useful to know that most shops are open until 13.00 on December 24th, and then they stay closed until 10.00 on December 27th. So this is not a good time for shopping. Cinemas are open every day except from December 24th. If you want to enjoy  Danube Cruise that can be done every day at 14.00 and 19.00, even on December 24th. But, if you want to be on the dinner cruise with live gipsy music on December 24th, you better hurry up and reserve it, because this will also get packed soon!

Budapest restaurants around Christmas

Most restaurants are closed on December 24, and several restaurants are closed on December 25 and 26 as well. Below you can see a list with information:

 December 24December 25December 26
Sir LancelotClosedOpenOpen
Trófea GrillClosedClosedOpen
Pampas SteakhouseClosedClosedClosed

If you want a table reservation, please visit our table reservation page. Be aware of the fact that tables are gone very fast both at Rezkakas and Aszu, so if you want a reservation made by us in one of these, please hurry up!

restaurants in budapest on christmas eve

Thermal Baths

 December 24December 25December 26December 31January 1
Gellért FürdõOpen until 14.0010.00-19.009.00-20.009.00-18.0010.00-20.00
Széchényi FürdõOpen until 14.0010.00-18.009.00-20.009.00-18.0010.00-20.00

All museums in Budapest (almost) are closed on December 24th and 25th, but on December 26th they are open again (more info here). Some of the museums only have the temporary exhibitions available on December 26th, but you should visit the exact webpage of your requested museum if you want more exact information. But, the most popular museum in Budapest, the Museum of Fine Arts, can for example safely be visited from December 26th. The museum is closed on December 31st, but open from 12.00 on January 1st. (this information is valid for 2012)