Budapest in September

So you are planing to visit Budapest in September! What can you expect? What should you know? What’s going on and what is the temperature like in Budapest in September? Read this article, and you will be well prepared for visiting the Hungarian capital in the first autumn month.

Budapest in September

Climate in September

September is a very popular month, and according to the statistics of the Hungarian Central Statistics Office the period between July and September is the most popular time of the year to visit Budapest. September is by many preferred as a month to visit Budapest to July and August by many because of the temperature. In both August and July it can be way to hot in Budapest, and currently as this text is being written it is August 23rd and it is around 35 Celsius, and it is said to become even warmer tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. In September the average temperature in Budapest is 16,4 Celsius, with a max temperature 30 Celsius and a minimum around 10. There are of course extremes and the coldest temperature ever measured in Budapest in September was -3 Celsius and the warmest 35,3 Celsius. But, these temperatures are not at all normal.

So when packing clothes for your stay in Budapest in September you should of course take a look at the weather forecast first, but if it seems nice you should absolutely bring some shorts, skirts, t-shirts and good summer clothes.

Events in September

September is a wonderful month to visit Budapest, and some of the best festivals in Hungary are arranged in Budapest in exactly this month. September is also a month when famous artists tour Europe and often they drop by Budapest for a hot shot concert as well. Still, the most famous festivals and events in Budapest, normally arranged in September are:

Buda Castle Beer festival

The Buda Castle Beer festival is arranged in the area around the castle and during the five days of the festival you can taste lots of Hungarian beer, eat traditional food and listen to live music and concerts in the festival area. This festival was moved and arranged in June instead in 2013. Will be interesting to see what will happen in 2014!

Budapest Wine Festival

The International Wine Festival is said to be the largest of all festivals in Budapest (dealing with food, wine, spirits) and a highlight of the year as it is arranged normally in the middle of September. This festival is also arranged in the area by the Buda Castle and the festival lasts for five days; from Wednesday to Sunday.

Jewish Summer Festival

The Jewish Summer Festival is normally arranged in the end of August or start of September, so make sure to check out the exact days before your arrival to Budapest. During the festival you can enjoy modern concerts, classical concerts, handcraft fairs, exhibitions and other interesting programs.

Chocolate and Sweets festival

The Chocolate and Sweets festival was first arranged in 2011 and it turned into a great success and will therefore be arranged again in 2012. For more information visit our page about gastronomy festivals and get updated information about this festival where you can eat lots of cakes, pralines, chocolate and of course enjoy wine, palinka and beer.

National Gallop

For one weekend the Heroes Square turn into a large equestrian park as the National Gallop is arranged. At the same time the last part of Andrassy Avenue, leading towards the Heroes Square turn into a large marketplace with food, representatives from different areas of Hungary and tons of people. There are of course horse races at the Heroes Square, so here you can see both talented and beautiful horses at the same time. This festival was arranged in May some years, but now they have moved it to September.

Recommended programs

Since September is a beautiful month with great weather you should spend lots of time outside just walking in the streets of Budapest and enjoying life. Restaurants with outdoor area should be preferred during daytime, but for a nicer supper you could consider one of those restaurants with nice interior, but with open windows making it possible to enjoy great food inside while enjoying the fresh air coming through the open windows. In September there are lots of great wine available, so if you have the chance you should visit a winemaker outside Budapest somewhere, enjoy a good wine tasting, visit the already mentioned festivals, and of course visit the Zoo if you come with children and go for a swim in Széchenyi Fürdő.

It gets dark quite early in September, so a great activity is an evening cruise on the Danube starting at 19.00 or later. You will then be able to enjoy Budapest by night, an amazing experience as you see the illuminated buildings, bridges and the beautiful panorama after sunset.

Recommended September hotels

You might say that a good hotel is a good hotel throughout the entire year, and it is true. But, since the climate is very good in September it is not a tragedy if you have to walk some minutes from your hotel to get to the shopping street or to the Danube. That is why a good option for those looking for a cheaper hotel in September in Budapest could be one located in sixth or the seventh district of Budapest, for example Continental Zara or Kings Hotel if you want to go for a cheap three star hotel. If you want luxury Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal is a hit, and if you want luxury in central Budapest then Kempinski is our favorite. If you visit Budapest for the Jewish Summer Festival then Continental Zara and Kings Hotel are in former Jewish Ghetto, very close to everything going on. If you plan on visiting the Beer Festival or the Wine Festival you might want to consider a hotel in the Castle area, such as Hilton Buda (5 star) or Burg Hotel (cheap 3 star).

As you can understand Budapest in September is great, and we must admit that together with May this is our favorite month in Budapest! Enjoy your stay.

If you have any thoughts, comments, questions or other matters connected to Budapest in September, just write your comment or question further down on the page.