Three great places to go jogging in Budapest

Want to keep your body in shape and looking for a place to exercise in Budapest? If you are a tourist you might live in a hotel with a fitness room, but if you’d rather run somewhere open air keep on reading, because here you can find three great places to go jogging in Budapest!

Hungary is known for salami and quite fat food, but if you live healthy and do some jogging you can easily survive the extra calories the Hungarian cuisine offers you. A great way to burn calories is jogging, and it also has a good effect on your heart and makes you sleep better at night. Time to run!

Jogging at the Margaret Island

If you ask any citizen of Budapest about where you should go jogging the Margaret Island it the favorite answer of most people. At this peaceful island in the middle of the Danube you can run along the track going around the entire island. If you run around the entire island you have been running about 4,5km and while doing so, you have been able to see beautiful landscape, monastery ruins, some nice hotels, river boats and lots of other people trying to stay healthy and keep their bodies in good shape. If you live nearby this is a brilliant place to jog, but if not you should either take a shower on the island or walk home, so that you will not poison the people with your sweaty body smell.

Jogging in the Orczy garden

Do not worry, I am not jogging as I write this article, but from where I am sitting I can actually see people running in the Orczy garden. The Orczy garden (Orczy kert) is a park in the eight district of Budapest, not far from the Nagyvarad ter metro station. There are several areas in the park where you can run, but the most popular area is the running track of 400 meter where you run next to the football field (seldom in use). The quality of the track itself is not the best, but for most not to picky runners this is more than enough. The running track is in use from early morning until late evening, but I would be careful running here all by myself late in the evening (at least if I was a girl) since the park doesn’t have the best reputation in the world.

Jogging in the Ox park (Bikas park)

If you live in the eleventh district of Budapest a great place for jogging is the Bikas park. It is located by the Kelenfold Varoskozpont (bus 7, 73, 103 stops here) and in the future metro line four will stop here (if it ever gets finished). They have recently created a great running track in the park which lets you run inside the park in very nice and peaceful environments. They have even made a bonus part next to the track where you will find some equipment which can be used for strengthening your arms, legs and other body parts. If you come here on a Saturday morning you can also visit the market just next to the running track where you can buy fruits, clothes, meat, cheese and lots of other stuff. This is one of those markets where you will find no tourists, only locals.

Wish you all happy jogging! If you have other advises concerning great places to go jogging in Budapest write it in a comment and share your knowledge with other runners coming to this blog for information about where to run in Budapest!

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