Chimney Cake festival

Sekler CakeIn 2013 the first Chimney Cake festival was arranged in Budapest, also known as the Sekler cake, and it is still going strong. Are you looking for information about the festival, and maybe some dates? Keep on reading!

If you have ever been to the Christmas market in Budapest or some other outdoor market, you have probably noticed a stand where they warm some kind of dough going around above some hot charcoal. Once finished it is dipped in vanillia, nuts, cinnamon or some other ingredient, and then it is served to tourists and locals. This is the chimney cake, also known as Kürtöskalács in Hungarian.

What will happen at the festival?

At the Chimney Cake festival there will be lots of concerts with famous Hungarian singers and bands. There will be chimney cake competitions and you will of course be able to eat all kinds of chimney cakes, and also traditional Hungarian food and drink Hungarian wine, palinka and beer.

Where is the festival arranged?

In 2013 the festival was arranged just nearby the Erzsebet square, but in 2014 it was arranged in the Vajdahunyad castle in the city park and its vicinity. Where it will be arranged in 2015 is still unknown.

News from the blog about the Chimney Cake festival

Chimney Cake festival 2014

Dates: October 10th – 12th, 2014
Entrance fee: free


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