Coldplay soon in Budapest

Coldplay have no.1 selling album in 36 countries and soon they will be present in Budapest. If you have not bought your ticket yet, make sure to do it now. Read more about the Coldplay concert. Concerts and programs in Budapest. Press release from EMI:Coldplay’s album Viva La Vida has […]

Record heat in Budapest

Last Sunday, September 7th, a new record was beaten in Budapest. Never before has it been that warm on that date. The warmest temperature was measured in Szeged, and there the temperature reached 37.6C or 99.68oF. Since then it has become a little bit colder, but during daytime you can […]

In memory of September 11 – Planting a tree in Budapest

Seven years ago the terror attacks on the United States took place. Today the victims of the September 11. will be honored with a tree-planting ceremony outside the American Embassy building. The American Ambassador April H Foley, together with the Hungarian Defense Minister Imre Szekeres and the Budapest District V […]