How strong are the UV rays in Budapest? Should I be careful?

Are you looking forward to visiting Budapest? Are you planning for sunshine and beautiful weather? Do not forget about the UV rays and sun-lotion! On a warm summer day in Budapest you can enjoy delicious ice cream, warm temperatures and shops with air-condition. But, you should still be careful as you walk around in the […]

What is the weather like in Budapest in February?

Budapest has humid continental weather which means the winters are cold and the summers are warm. The winters in Budapest are quite variable and unpredictable but surely cold and it receives only little sunshine. The coldest months of the year are December, January and February even March can be cold but the weather starts improving […]

Going to be real hot this weekend!

In June we had some days with extreme heat in Budapest, and in the coming days it is coming back again, and it might get even warmer. The National Weather company has reported that temperatures are expected to rise to more than 35 Celsius, maybe even to 40 Celsius in some places. Here you can […]

Really hot in Budapest

We are in the middle of a period with really hot temperatures, so if you are coming to Budapest in the coming days you better bring some shorts and singlets, because during daytime we “enjoy” temperatures above 35 Celsius. During the nights the temperatures go down to somewhere between 20-25 Celsius, making the nights a […]

Terrible May in Budapest

I guess the topic says it all, but this May has been terrible in Budapest. It feels as if the sun has left the capital of Hungary the last weeks, and the last days it has been raining more than it normally does within a month. This has also caused great problems around in Hungary, […]

Snow and winter to visit Budapest

Not long ago I wrote that the spring has arrived in Budapest and that citizens and tourists in Budapest finally can enjoy sunshine and nice weather. This weekend the spring is going on holiday though, as the temperature is expected to go below 0 Celsius, and snow is expected to fall. According to we […]

Spring in Budapest – almost at least

The spring has almost arrived in Budapest and currently we are enjoying about 10 Celsius in the capital of Hungary (climate in Budapest). Some people claim that it will get colder by the end of the week, but we are for sure enjoying it now as the sun is smiling at our white bodies! As […]

Heavy snow expected

Last Saturday Ferihegy Airport had to be closed down for some hours due to heavy snow and bad weather in Budapest. Starting from this evening heavy snow and cold weather is again expected in Budapest and all of Hungary, so it might be that things will be delayed tomorrow. The weather is expected to last […]

Its snowing in Budapest

I just thought Id write a short notice that currently it is snowing in Budapest. It is not much, and it can not really be seen on the streets, but from the sky some nice, white snowflakes come down. You can read more about the weater in Budapest at our weather page! I guess this […]