How strong are the UV rays in Budapest? Should I be careful?

Are you looking forward to visiting Budapest? Are you planning for sunshine and beautiful weather? Do not forget about the UV rays and sun-lotion!

On a warm summer day in Budapest you can enjoy delicious ice cream, warm temperatures and shops with air-condition. But, you should still be careful as you walk around in the city center of Budapest. Not because of criminality (which is very low), but because of strong UV rays that are unhealthy for your body, your eyes and your skin.

It is a common fact that spending time out in the sun between 11.00 and 15.00 should be avoided, at least without sun lotion, but even with sun-lotion (as much as possible). Those are the strongest hours with the most dangerous UV rays, and in this period they might get as strong as 8 (the scale goes from 1 to 10).

Would you like to see how strong the UV rays are in Budapest at the moment?

If you would like to check the UV rays in Budapest right now, take a look right here:

UV map Budapest
A UV map of Hungary on June 22nd at 13.30. – This is what it might look like if you visit the site referred to above.

If you click the link above you will get to a Hungarian site. It is however quite easy to understand  anyway. You will of course practice some geography as well, because it shows a map of Hungary with Budapest almost in the middle (a bit to the north). The map uses color codes, but in addition you see numbers around (like “6.0” and then you can see other things written like “15 perc” next to the numbers. The first number shows the strength of the UV rays (on a scale between 1 and 10) and where it says  “15 Perc (or something else)” the recommended time in the sun is written (perc means minutes in Hungarian). Those numbers are of course extreme, but at least you can get a feeling about the strength of the UV rays, and it should also warn you or give you relief.

Be careful, and if you look for a refreshing program during the warm summer days in Budapest, then maybe a brewery visit or a winetasting in a wine restaurant might be something for you?

What is the weather like in Budapest in February?

Winter in BudapestBudapest has humid continental weather which means the winters are cold and the summers are warm. The winters in Budapest are quite variable and unpredictable but surely cold and it receives only little sunshine.

The coldest months of the year are December, January and February even March can be cold but the weather starts improving slowly but surely. January is definitely the coldest month in Budapest with long, grey days and pretty cold nights but the freezing temperature is getting better in February when the sun comes out more and the days get longer with every day.

In the winter in February the average temperature is between 4 °C and -2 °C so if you visit Budapest in the winter be prepared for the cold weather with warm clothes, gloves, scarf and hat. During the winter season the city frequently receives light snowfall but less and less each year. On the other hand Budapest has long summers usually from May until late September and the temperature is between 32 °C and 35 °C. In Budapest in the summer is not unusual to have 25 °C at night.

If you want to know more on Budapest and on the programs check the following site for more information.

Going to be real hot this weekend!

In June we had some days with extreme heat in Budapest, and in the coming days it is coming back again, and it might get even warmer.

The National Weather company has reported that temperatures are expected to rise to more than 35 Celsius, maybe even to 40 Celsius in some places. Here you can see what temperatures are expected the next seven days, according to

Weather in Budapest
Temperatures expected in Budapest until July 31st

In such warm weather it is important to drink enough, find some shade and then relax some more. A popular place to visit on such days is the St. Stephens Basilica and the beach at the Margaret Island. Do not forget to use sun lotion, and if possible, stay away from the sun between 11.00 and 15.00.

Read more about the climate in Budapest and Budapest average temperatures.

Really hot in Budapest

sun shining in budapestWe are in the middle of a period with really hot temperatures, so if you are coming to Budapest in the coming days you better bring some shorts and singlets, because during daytime we “enjoy” temperatures above 35 Celsius.

During the nights the temperatures go down to somewhere between 20-25 Celsius, making the nights a bit refreshing, but if you are staying in a hotel or apartment somewhere without air condition, it might turn into a nightmare where you have temperatures around 30 Celsius in your room.

The warmth is of course no excuse not to work, so in our Budapest Guide we have just launched a new design. If you have visited our page before you might not even see the difference, but if you should try to visit our site from your mobile phone or tablet, you will notice that our website has gotten far more mobile friendly.

Still, if you are in town and look for some refreshments, why not check out the brewery tour or a wine tasting?

Terrible May in Budapest

I guess the topic says it all, but this May has been terrible in Budapest. It feels as if the sun has left the capital of Hungary the last weeks, and the last days it has been raining more than it normally does within a month. This has also caused great problems around in Hungary, and in some cities people have had to leave their houses, as they have been flooded with water. It can also be seen on the Danube within the borders of Budapest that much water has rained down in the last days.

The weather reports tell us that by the end of the week the sun might show up again, and I really do hope so. During a guided tour today I almost felt as if it was impossible to move up at the Gellert Hill, due to the wind. We could also see leafes all around, and trees that could not stand against the wind of the last days!

Weather in Budapest

Snow and winter to visit Budapest

Not long ago I wrote that the spring has arrived in Budapest and that citizens and tourists in Budapest finally can enjoy sunshine and nice weather. This weekend the spring is going on holiday though, as the temperature is expected to go below 0 Celsius, and snow is expected to fall. According to we can expect the following temperatures this weekend:

Friday: -1 Celsius (snow is expected)
Saturday: -4 Celsius
Sunday: -4 Celsius
Monday: -7 Celsius
Tuesday: -2 Celsius

Not long ago I visited Barcelona, and of course we expected beautiful sunshine as we were there. We were not lucky though, as it was snowing like crazy, it was windy, and even CNN showed up to report about the especially bad weather striking the normally warm city along the Mediterranean sea.

Weather in Budapest
Weather in Barcelona

Spring in Budapest – almost at least

The spring has almost arrived in Budapest and currently we are enjoying about 10 Celsius in the capital of Hungary (climate in Budapest). Some people claim that it will get colder by the end of the week, but we are for sure enjoying it now as the sun is smiling at our white bodies! As the sun shows up, the tourists starts to come and we can already feel and experience that more and more people are ready for guided tours and cool activities in Budapest. Compared to other big cities in Europe the Budapest temperature is quite good, in fact it is almost just as warm in Budapest as it is in Madrid, Spain.

As I am writing this text, the current temperature can be experienced in Europe:
Weather in Oslo: -4 celsius
Weather in Prague: 6 celsius
Weather in Bratislava: 14 celsius
Weather in Vienna: 14 celsius
Weather in Madrid: 10 celsius
Weather in Krakow: 7 celsius

Heavy snow expected

Last Saturday Ferihegy Airport had to be closed down for some hours due to heavy snow and bad weather in Budapest. Starting from this evening heavy snow and cold weather is again expected in Budapest and all of Hungary, so it might be that things will be delayed tomorrow. The weather is expected to last until Sunday evening.

In addition there will probably be lots of snow everywhere, so tomorrow might be a day to spend in a day spa or somewhere else.

Enjoy life and enjoy Budapest in any case!

Current weather in Budapest

Autumn in Budapest and some average temperatures

I wrote on Twitter this morning that its raining in Budapest. Then I went out on a guided tour, but I forgot my umbrella at home. Starting on the Gellert Hill I soon got to regret my mistake. It started to rain a lot, and even more. In the castle district I bought an umbrella, but then of course I was already very wet. Anyway, the company was great and we all had a great time anyway. In the end we stopped and grabbed some hot Goulash soup.

So, the autumn has come to Budapest, and this week it is going to get even colder, and the bad weather will stay around. Last Thursday Budapest experienced a heat record (October 8), but that is now history and we can welcome the cold weather. My request is only that it should stop raining. It is okay with the cold weather, but the rain is making life miserable, at least when out guiding!

After my trip I went to a paperstore to buy a calender for 2010, as requests already start coming in. In my new calender they have written down average temperatures for big cities around the world, and one of them is Budapest. Below you can see what the average temperatures of Budapest are, according to my calender. For another theory concerning the average temperatures of Budapest, check out average temperature page.

Budapest average temperature

January: -2 Celsius
February: 1 Celsius
March: 7 Celsius
April: 13 Celsius
May: 17 Celsius
June: 21 Celsius
July: 23 Celsius
August: 23 Celsius
September: 18 Celsius
October: 13 Celsius
November: 6 Celsius
December: 1 Celsius

Climate in Budapest