Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest is an example of a buildling in eclectic-neoclassical style, and it was built between 1900-1906. The plans for the building were made by Albert Schickedanz and Fülöp Herzog, the architects behind the Arthall and the Heroes Square as well. The timpanon above the main entrance shows a part from the Zeus Temple in Olympos (see picture below).

Inside the Museum you can see ancient Egyptian art, old master paintings (Raffaello, El Graco), sculpture (including an equeastrian from Leonardo da Vinci) and you can also find drawings from the same Leonardo, and in addition to him from Rembrandt, Goya and several others. If you are interested in more modern art you can see some works of Monet, Eugène Delacroix and Édouard Manet as well.

The Museum of Fine Arts has had great temporary exhibitions in the later years (for example a Vincent van Gogh exhibition), and they continue to do so. So in addition to the permanent exhibition you can almost always find a very interesting temporary exhibition as well.

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Dózsa György út 41, 1146 Budapest
Open Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00-17:30, Thursdays until 22:00

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Museum of Fine Arts Heroes Square
Museum of Fine Arts at the Heroes Square