Alexandra Bookcafe: Best confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Alexandra Bookcafe

1061 Budapest, Andrassy ut 39

Alexandra Bookcafe is probably the most beautiful of all confectionaries in Budapest, and our expectations were high as we prepared to taste the cakes and the drinks. We were lucky to get a free table as the place was almost packed – but our jury was unfortunately not too impressed by the quality of what they were later served.

Alexandra Bookcafe score

Price vs. quality:4,75/10
Total average:23/40

Comments from the jury:
“None of the cakes were especially good”
“Not good enough, but nice and with a great atmosphere”
“The room was splendid, the piano music discreet, the waiter was nice, but had a lot to do”
“The beautiful surroundings where not in harmony with the poor cake quality”

Some Alexandra Bookcafe pictures:

One thought on “Alexandra Bookcafe: Best confectionary

  1. Claudia Sanchez says:

    I am sorry but I totally disagree with the above comments. My husband and I were there last week and we found Alexandra Book Cafe to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever been and the cakes were delicius, and since we liked it so much we took our daughter the next day to enjoy the cakes and the drinks. The decoration is amazing, the piano very soft and nice and the prices surprisingly cheap !! (three cakes and three vienesse capuccinos HUF 2800 (approx. USD 14). We strongly recommend this place next time you are in Budapest! Believe me the cakes are really good and I am not an amateur in this since I make very good cakes myself. P.S. We are from Montevideo, Uruguay

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