Angelo Cukrászat: Best Confectionary

This article is a part in our “Best of Budapest“-series, currently searching for the “best confectionary in Budapest“.

Angelo Café & Cukrászat

1126 Budapest, MOM Park-Alkotás út 53.

Located on the Buda side of Budapest, along the busy Alkotás street, in the shoppingcenter MOM Park, this is a popular café and confectionary for young and old in the area. The place is normally quite packed, and you can find a big selection of cakes here. The quality of the cakes we found to be average, while the drinks were good. The biggest minus was the fact that smoking was allowed inside, and even though a “no-smoking” area could be found, nothing divided this from the smoking area, so leaving Angelo all our clothes smelled as if we had been sitting in the smoking area.

Angelo Cukrászat score

Price vs. quality:5/10
Total average:25/40

Comments from the jury:
“Big selection of cakes, fine quality, but annoying cigarette smell everywhere”
“Good place for relaxing, though the background music was annoying”
“Nothing dividing smoking from no-smkoing except from an invisible wall”
“Good hot-chocolate and limonade”

Some Angelo cukrászat pictures:

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