Big demonstration coming on October 4th

On the 4th of October, which is the World Anti-Violence Day, Magyar Tarka organizes a rally for human rights (against racism and so on). It starts at 15:30 by the Erzsebet Square (by Deak Ferenc Square, Le Meridien and Kempinski), and because of great publicity in the Hungarian media big crowds are expected to show up. The organizers has spoken of the event as a non-political event, therefore they did not want any political parties to be present.

Today the news was released that the Hungarian Prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany will show up, though not as Prime Minister, but as a private person supporting the rally for human rights. Not everyone rejoices that Ferenc Gyurcsany will be present, but hopefully everyone will be able to peacefully and with respect remember what the day is really about; Anti-violence!

If you are in the area this Saturday except loads of people and we all hope it will be a great (and peaceful) rally for anti-violence and anti-racism in Budapest!

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