Bodies Exhibition… update!

Yesterday we wrote that there were only three days left of the Bodies Exhibition in Budapest. Now it is only two… today, and tomorrow! But, if you are planning to visit the exhibition, be prepared for long lines. Yesterday around 17.00 it was several hundred people standing in line to get into the exhibition, and they had to wait for a long time. To make it even worse; the temperature outside is around -5 Celsius, so it gets extremely cold! To avoid this it is recommended to visit the exhibition earlier in the day, and if possible; buy tickets online and visit it together with a group of at least ten people. If you do so, you will not have to wait outside as much as the rest of the visitors (and you will get a cheaper entrance as well).

By the way; the exhibition is really interesting, and the models are very well made. If you do not know the inside of your body so well, it can be some hours where you will get to know it much better!

Bodies Budapest

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