Bolt 3D in Budapest cinemas

Bolt review BudapestThis Thursday Bolt entered the cinemas in Budapest, and we watched the new Disney film Friday evening in Palace WestEnd. There you have the chance to see it both in normal 2D and in 3D, so we went for the more expensive version, and checked out Bolt in 3D.

Bolt is about the superdog called Bolt, and the dog things everything that happens is true and reality. The only problem is that his life is the life of a movie star and TV-effects. Bolt has to learn it the hard way, as he runs away from the studio and faces real life in the USA.

The last film I watched in 3D was “Journey to the center of the earth”, and though I liked Bolt better, I enjoyed the 3D effects of the Journey film better. I missed those funny experiences that you feel when something is flying towards you or almost hiting you, using the 3D effects.

Bolt was though a great family film, not something to remember forever, but still enjoyable!

Based on all of this I give Bolt 6 smileys.

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