Not all cinemas close because of the Coronavirus in Budapest!

Yesterday, it was said that all indoor gatherings with more than 100 people present had to be canceled. As a result, theaters, cinemas, and other cultural programs were expected to be canceled from March 12th. But, some cinemas have fixed the problem, meaning that they only sell 99 tickets to each movie. So, if you want to watch a movie in a Budapest cinema, you still have the chance!

Some cinemas remain open even though the coronavirus regulations are strict

A few weeks ago, we wrote an article dealing with the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest. We also told you how much you will have to pay for popcorn and a nachos with some salsa dip. But, did you know that you can still enjoy a movie in a Budapest cinema combined with some popcorn?

If you visit, you can still reserve tickets, purchase tickets, and prepare to have a nice evening out, even though people fear the coronavirus. So, they have set a limit on 99 tickets per film, meaning that there will not be more than 100 people present. In that way, they will stay clear of the regulations from the government, and those who care more about movies than about the coronavirus will have a chance to give heed to their interest.

But, people will most likely stay at home. The upcoming James Bond premiere has been postponed, because of the virus. Anyone releasing a movie now will know that it will get a big minus, so I guess other big releases coming in the upcoming weeks and months might do like James Bond and postpone their premieres as well.

What is the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest?

Would you like to go to a cinema and watch a movie while in Budapest? Or are you simply curious about the cost of a cinema ticket in Budapest? Here you will find an answer to your question!

If you plan on going to the cinema while in Budapest, you will most likely enter a Cinema City complex. There are a few other cinema companies as well, but this is by far the biggest, and earlier it was known as Palace Cinema. They are present in the biggest malls in Budapest, and they have far more visitors than any other company. That is why we are using their prices as the information in this article. Some of the smaller cinemas can be a bit cheaper, but the difference is not much to talk about.

How much does it cost to go to cinema in Budapest?

What is the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest?

It is very important to notice when this article is written (check the date at the start of the article). Why is that important? Because, in a year from now, and much more, in five years from now, the prices will most likely be very different. In the last ten years, the price of a cinema ticket in Budapest has more than doubled, and the prices get a small bump every single year. In other words, if you check this article in a few years, the prices will most likely be higher than what you see here.

Cut the crap – how much does a ticket cost?

  • If you want to go to a normal 2D cinema, the price is currently 1950 HUF (appx 6 Euro).
  • If you go to a VIP cinema (all you can eat and drink and more), the price is 6150 HUF (18 Euro).
  • A ticket to an IMAX cinema is around 2150 HUF (7 Euro).

These are the approximate prices of a cinema ticket in Budapest.

But, what are the prices of nachos and popcorn?

Maybe the cinema experience only becomes a real experience if you eat nachos or eat some popcorn along? Well, if you plan on eating a fair portion of nachos (120g) with some dip, combined with a 0,8 liter of drink, the price is 2100 HUF (6,5 Euro).

If you want to purchase a big portion of popcorn (2,3 liter) combined with a big drink (0,75 liter), the price is 1450 HUF. If you purchase a 4,5-liter popcorn together with two drinks (0,75 liter), the price is 2100 HUF.

What do you think about these prices? Is it expensive to go to the cinema in Budapest?

What do you think of these prices? Are they nice and good, or do you find it to be expensive?

If you have further comments, questions, or maybe an update, write a comment in the comment field below.

Can a Hungarian movie win an Oscar again?

Two years ago the movie Son of Saul won an Oscar as the Best Foreign Movie. This year another Hungarian movie is nominated for the same price, On Body and Soul.

on body and soul oscar


In order to win an Oscar for Best Foreign movie, it needs to be in some other language than English. So, if you miss the Hungarian language, watch the movie On Body and Soul, and you will combine listening to our beautiful (and complicated language) with watching a movie that is fantastic.

On Body and Soul isn’t an easy Hollywood movie, but it is the story of two people who share the same dream. But, a beautiful dream (and one they both have), doesn’t mean that everything works out perfectly in real life as they meet.

Take a look at the trailer beneath and see if the movie might be something for you.

If you want to watch the Academy Awards live on the Internet, find instructions on how it can be done here.


Star Wars. The Last Jedi premiere in Budapest today!

Are you a Star Wars fan in Budapest? Had you already ordered your tickets to Budapest, and then discovered that you would miss out on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere at home? What can be done? Is there any place to watch the movie in English?

star wars the last jedi budapest

The cinemas in Budapest are showing Star Wars: The Last Jedi from December 13th. The most famous cinema in Budapest is Cinema City, and they have complexes in several of the biggest shopping malls in Budapest; WestEnd, Allee and Arena Plaza. Normally all movies are dubbed in Hungary (almost), but with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, most cinemas show it in the original language (English), with subtitles (Hungarian) a couple of times a day. You should there have the chance to watch the movie in English if you want to. The bigger problem is the fact that all tickets are bought for the first performances (almost), but there is one exception if you are eager to watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi live in Budapest on the opening night.

Campona, a shopping mall on the Buda side, quite a distance from the city center, has loads of free tickets available for the performance in English at 21.00 tonight. You will have to buy the tickets at the Cinema City website, but if you want to, this is a chance.

Watch the Oscar Awarded Son of Saul online

We are a Budapest Guide and we cheer for everything in and from Hungary. Currently we cheer a lot of the Hungarians participating in the Summer Olympics in Rio. A few months ago we cheered for the film Son of Saul as it was given an Academy Award during the annual show in February. Now you can watch Son of Saul online in different ways!

If you haven’t seen the film Son of Saul yet you better go ahead and watch it. It is a piece of Hungarian history and culture, especially after it won its Oscar Award. It tells us the story of a guy in Auschwitz who wants to give his son a proper burial. If the person actually is his son can’t be told for sure, but at least Saul considers him to be his son.

Son of Saul online

This film has received lots of positive critics and is called a masterpiece by many. Others cant really seem to like the film, so it has received mixed critics from the normal guy in the street. Among professionals it has mostly received praise and on the big movie site named Rotten Tomatoes the film currently has a 97% score.

If you want to watch Son of Saul then you can do so online in several ways. You can of course buy in as a DVD in your local film store or online, but to watch it online you can for example visit and watch it as an Instant Video there. Another option is to buy it in the Google Play Store, in the Apple Store or you can also watch it on Netflix in Canada if that would suit you well.

Lots of Budapest in Strike Back season 1 episode 10

We love Budapest in films and TV series and if you want to see a lot of Budapest then Strike Back season 1 and episode 10 is perfect to watch for you. Strike Back is an action TV series, quite similar to 24 and it also reminds us a bit of NCIS: Los Angeles.

Castle of Buda
Castle of Buda in Strike Back

In Strike Back season 10 the good guys are hunting a terrorist and his affiliate who want to blow up a bomb during a peace conference arranged in the castle in Budapest. There are two guys with bombs attached to them and we see the good guys played by Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester hunt down those bad guys. This hunt leads to scenes all around Budapest and you will get to see famous attractions and also see a bomb explode inside a tram.

Explosion in tram
A tram blows up near Batthyany ter

Most of the clips are very well made and they have done their best for this to be an authentic episode from Budapest. There are of course some small mistakes as when they show a tram starting from Batthyany ter running with number 47 with Deak Ter as starting point and not Batthyany ter. But, who cares? The tram is about to be blown up anyway!

Gellert Hill Panorama
Beautiful panorama clip from above the Gellert Hill

As you can see on the three pictures already there are lots of beautiful clips from Budapest in this episode of Strike Back, so if you do not mind explosions and action, then go ahead and watch this episode of Strike Back right away, and get a little taste of Budapest on this first day of February 2016.

Nyugati PU
One of the bad guys arrives to Nyugati with train!

Main characters by castle
The main characters having a chat in front of the castle with the Pest side in the background

One more Budapest panorama clip from the episode
One more Budapest panorama clip from the episode

Strike Back in Budapest
Strike Back in Budapest

If you want to watch this episode then you can either find it and buy it on, you can watch it on NOW TV or you can look for it online elsewhere!

If you have tips on other TV series or films with lots of clips from Budapest, please write a comment and let us know!

Star Wars coming to Budapest tomorrow

It is almost bigger than Christmas… Star Wars is coming to town. Tomorrow it is time for the premiere of the film in Hungary and just after midnight tomorrow (meaning early Friday morning) the biggest fans will be able to see Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.

Star Wars in Budapest

In other words, a few minutes after midnight, early Friday morning, or late Thursday night, the biggest fans will stand in line by the different cinemas in Budapest to see The Force Awakens. The ticket sale for the films started a month ago (or more) and all tickets were sold out quickly. So if you want a ticket for Star Wars in Budapest one of the first days then you should hurry up and get hold of them right away. There are some performances from 10.00 on Friday morning and for those there are still free tickets, so if you want to be among the first to see Star Wars in Budapest, then this is your chance!

It will probably take ages before we get to see the newest Star Wars film on Netflix, but if you want to watch the older Star Wars films then you can still buy them on or watch them there online.

If you are going to watch Star Wars in Budapest do not forget about the fact that most of the time the film will be dubbed, so if you want to watch it in English with Hungarian subtitles, check before you buy the tickets to make sure that you get tickets for the right performance. Enjoy!

Budapest on cinemas again – SPY

Are you ready for some fun and a movie filmed in Budapest? Then you better set your nose in the direction of the nearest cinema and get ready for some action, because Jason Statham, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy are just about to show some real Budapest action in the film named Spy.

The film Spy had its premiere in Budapest last Thursday, so it is still very new, and the same is true for cinemas all across the world. In other words, this is your chance to watch a comedy and action film played in Budapest, which is quite special, because most action films recorded in Budapest has the story happening somewhere else (Die Hard 5 was recorded in Budapest, but the story took place in Moscow). However, like with I Spy with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson long time back, Spy has its story taking place in Budapest, making it no secret in the scenery that Budapest is the place in which the film takes place.

Enjoy the film in a cinema near you, and if you have seen it, we would love to hear how you liked the film! To read more about cinemas in Budapest, click here.

Spy Budapest cinemas
With the St. Stephens Basilica in the background!

Identity Thief in Budapest cinemas

Last Thursday Identity Thief had its premiere in Budapest cinemas. This is a comedy which has the potential in it to bring a smile to your face, so if you are ready to laugh and to relax for 110 minutes, you could consider watching this film.

Recently we have written about films such as the Hobbit, James Bond and Die Hard in Budapest cinemas. Identity Thief is something completely different! This is a comedy with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy as the main characters. The main character, a nice family guy, gets his identity stolen by a crazy lady who later spends all his money. Due to bureaucracy and a slow police he decides to go after the lady himself and that is what the film is about.

Nowadays I somehow feel as if it is very hard to produce a good comedy. That is why I personally enjoyed Identity Thief a whole lot. It was not a new favorite, but still I had a very good time watching the film and in fact the entire story of the film was enjoyable.

If I had to choose between watching Die Hard 5 and Identity Thief for the second time I am quite sure I would choose the latter. Not sure which film to watch? Take a look at the Identity Thief trailer to see if the film might be something for you.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

Palace Cinemas almost history

For those really following the news in Budapest and Hungary this is old news, but for the rest of us this is still “hot” news. It all started when we could not buy the Palace Cinemas “cinema-card” last weekend in Campona. We did not understand why, but said “okay” and “no problem”. Then yesterday as we went to Palace Cinemas in WestEnd we asked: “How come?” They then explained us that Palace Cinema in WestEnd is not really Palace Cinema, but Cinema City… it is only the logos remaining. So, what has happened?

Cinema City has bought Palace Cinemas, at least most of the cinemas, and they will now slowly turn into Cinema City cinemas. This is not only valid for Hungary, but also for Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cinema City paid 28 million Euro for this, and now they will reign all by themselves in Budapest. Some of the former Palace Cinemas in Budapest will remain Palace Cinema, but the most important in West End, Mammut, Campona and MOM will turn into Cinema City.

Read more about cinemas in Budapest (page will soon need an update due to these recent changes)