Breakfast in Szamos

Szamos is a famous brand in Hungary. They are first of all known for their marzipan, and then comes the confectioneries. In Budapest you can find Szamos shops and confectioneries in lots of places, for example in Árkád, in Mammut, in Allee, in Savoya Park, in Polus, in Szentendre, at Budapest Airport and lots of other places. The biggest Szamos and the one with the best location is probably the one located at Vörösmarty square, but yesterday we visited the Szamos confectionery and store located by the Grand Boulevard, within the walls of Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal.

Working on our article about breakfast in Budapest we planned on visiting Bock Bistro, one of the best restaurants in Budapest with great wine and high class food. Some other sites also wrote about the culinary experience of enjoying a breakfast at Bock Bistro, and therefore we planned on enjoying a breakfast there ourselves. As we got there the doors where closed, and after asking some questions around in the building we found out that breakfast is no longer available in Bock Bistro. There we stood hungry in front of closed doors, so quickly we had to find somewhere else to eat some breakfast, and since Szamos is located only 150 meters from Bock Bistro, that became our final destination.

It seems to me as if Szamos have the same breakfast menu available in all their places, so whatever Szamos you visit you will have the chance to eat Continental Breakfast, French Breakfast, Ham and Eggs, Wiener Breakfast and Hungarian Breakfast. These are the standard offers, but on their menu you can also find toast which is available throughout the entire day, but if you want it for breakfast, that can of course be arranged.

We ordered a ham and eggs, one standard omelet and a toast. In addition we had a cup of tea, a glass of water and a cocoa. Even though it was almost empty in the place, it took a while for someone to take or order, but when they first came, service was perfect. The final price of this order was 4000 HUF, and in that price the service fee of 15% was included.

Ham and eggs and a toast in Szamos

The portions were quite normal, and though they were smaller than the portions you get at for example Fruccola, most people will feel full and satisfied after one portion of food. The omelet needed salting, the cocoa was without any sugar so that needed to be added manually, the toast was nice and my wife was satisfied with the ham and eggs. While most restaurants offering breakfasts add some special bread besides your breakfast, Szamos only gives you a small standard white bread baguette cut into small pieces besides the meal.

After the breakfast we did not sit with the feeling that we were too full, and thus the cakes offered looks very tempting. We skipped those this time, but it might be that the next time we drop by Szamos it will be to eat cakes, and not to eat breakfast. Everything was too standard, nothing made it an experience to remember, except from the fact that I ate together with my beautiful wife and son, so next time I will much rather look for a new place instead of returning to Szamos. If you are a tourist looking for an easy breakfast one day and you see a Szamos sign nearby, this can though be an option to consider.

Tempting sweet and salty cakes/pastry in Szamos

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