Hungary wants to make it easier for banks, investment funds and asset managers to provide cryptocurrency-market services.

There are lots of people asking whether Hungary is a crypto-friendly country or not. That is a brilliant question, but what is the answer? According to ChatGPT (which only answers based on data from 2022), “Hungary has not been particularly crypto-friendly compared to some other countries. The regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies in Hungary has been somewhat uncertain, with the government taking a cautious approach.” But, is that so? We do not entirely agree, and if the new law suggestion is accepted, then it will be even easier to invest in cryptocurrencies from June 30, 2024.

Many things influence how a crypto-investor and crypto-enthusiast judges a country. The first thing many people think about is crypto taxation. How much do you need to pay in taxes if you invest in crypto in Hungary and what is the tax percentage? Is it complicated?

There are countries in the world where the crypto taxation level is 0%, and Portugal is one of the countries often referred to as a heaven for crypto investors for this reason. What about Hungary? Since 2022, things have gotten much easier also in Hungary. Before that, it was normal to pay a tax of around 30%, but right now you pay a 15% tax on the profit you make. That is much better than many other countries, but not as good as that of Portugal, Germany, and some other countries.

But, luckily, it is easy to report crypto gains in Hungary. In general, all you need is to report how much you have invested (based on bank account statements), and then you need to report the gains you withdraw. What does that mean? You don’t need to do detailed reporting on all transactions you do, but it is normally enough to report on input and output, and then pay taxes based on your gains.

Does this make Hungary sound like a crypto-friendly country to you? It is up to you to decide!

crypto in hungary

A new law that will make it easier for banks, investment funds, and asset managers to provide cryptocurrency-market services.

The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) approved the Bitcoin SPOT ETFs in January 2024. As a result, those in control of investment funds and asset managers can easily include Bitcoin as a part of their funds, making Bitcoin way easier to buy and include for investors in the USA. If everything goes as planned, then the upcoming law that is suggested in Hungary will have approximately the same effect in Hungary.

It will make it easier for banks and investment funds to include crypto assets in their portfolios and funds, and thus, give customers the option of further diversification.

Since the government in Hungary is quite one-sided, all suggestions made by the current government are always approved, since they have a majority in the parliament. And it isn’t exactly a tradition to vote against your own party in Hungary (even if you don’t agree), so it is quite obvious that this new law will be approved.

This is a good thing for those who want to include Bitcoin and other crypto assets in their portfolios without having to open a new account on a cryptocurrency exchange.

More flights to connect Budapest with Paris this summer!

We are looking forward to a fantastic summer, for many reasons. The Hungarians are happy to see their team play in the European Championship in football (in Germany) in June and July (hopefully), and following the European Championship, the Hungarians look very much forward to the Summer Olympics in Paris. That is going to be a fantastic event in a gorgeous city, and with Hungary normally winning 6-10 gold medals during the Summer Olympics, lots of Hungarians are traveling to Paris to cheer for the athletes.

The Summer Olympics might be the biggest reason for the increased number of flights that will connect Budapest with Paris this summer, but it is also a clear sign that lots of people are traveling and that Paris is a very popular destination, with or without the Summer Olympics.

Wizz Air will increase the number of daily departures to Paris greatly, giving visitors several daily options if they want to travel between the two cities (something that hasn’t been possible so far). Besides that, Wizz Air is offering their gold plane to bring home Hungarian gold medalists from France to Hungary after the Summer Olympics.

Besides those, there will also be new routes between Budapest and the following cities.

  • Brussels, Belgium (from 19 June)
  • Brassó-Brașov, Romania (from 18 June)
  • Bucharest Otopeni, Romania (from 17 June)
  • Stuttgart, Germany (from 18 June)
  • Valencia (from 17 June)

We have a lot to look forward to this summer, both in and outside Hungary. If you want to read more about what’s going on in Hungary this summer, click the link for more information.

Fred Again.., Martin Garrix, Sam Smith and Stormzy are coming to Sziget 2024 – What about you?

It is always interesting to get the first list of artists coming to the Sziget Festival. This list is often incomplete and in 2023, the biggest name of them all, Billie Eilish, was shared not a long time before the festival. In other words, there will be lots of other fantastic artists coming to the festival in 2023, but the Sziget crew has now released the first list of artists coming in 2024.

The biggest names are, of course, Sam Smith, Martin Garrix, Fred Again.., and Stormzy. If you are from the United Kingdom, you will feel very much at home at Sziget 2024, considering that three of the four artists listed above come from the UK.

Arists coming to Sziget 2024

A few words about Fred Again.., Martin Garrix, Stormzy, and Sam Smith.

Fred Again..:

  • Fred Again.. is a British record producer, songwriter, and artist. His real name is Fred Gibson.
  • He gained recognition for his work in electronic and dance music, with a unique and experimental approach to production.
  • Fred Again.. has collaborated with various artists and has been involved in creating music across genres.
  • His discography includes solo work as well as collaborations with other musicians.

Martin Garrix:

  • Martin Garrix, born Martijn Gerard Garritsen, is a Dutch electronic music producer and DJ.
  • He rose to prominence with his single “Animals,” which became a massive hit and established him as a leading figure in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene.
  • Garrix has consistently been ranked as one of the top DJs globally and has received numerous awards for his contributions to the electronic music industry.
  • He continues to release chart-topping tracks and perform at major music festivals around the world.


  • Stormzy, whose real name is Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., is a British rapper and grime artist.
  • He gained widespread recognition with his debut studio album “Gang Signs & Prayer,” which won the 2018 Brit Award for British Album of the Year.
  • Stormzy is known for addressing social and political issues in his music, making him a prominent figure in the UK music scene.
  • Besides his musical career, Stormzy has been involved in philanthropy and activism.

Sam Smith:

  • Sam Smith is a British singer and songwriter known for their soulful and emotive vocals.
  • They gained international fame with their debut album, “In the Lonely Hour,” featuring hits like “Stay with Me.”
  • Sam Smith is recognized for their powerful voice and has received numerous awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Writing’s on the Wall,” the theme song for the James Bond film “Spectre.”
  • The artist has continued to evolve their musical style, exploring themes of love, identity, and personal experiences in their work.

I guess you just got lots of reasons to come to Budapest during the summer of 2024. If you want to read more about other programs and events in Budapest, take a look at our events calendar.

Slideshow from the 2023 Christmas markets in Budapest!

The Christmas market at Vörösmarty Square and by the Stephen’s Basilica both opened on November 17th. We were there during the opening weekend to check out what’s happening and what’s new in 2023. Of course, instead of writing about it, we will show you quite a lot of pictures as a picture of tells you more than a thousand words.

If you want to read general information about the Christmas markets in Budapest, click the link for a detailed article with information about the location of the Christmas markets, the dates for the Budapest Christmas markets, what to eat at the Christmas markets, hotel recommendations, and so much more.

Just like in 2022, the popular train for kids has returned to the Vörösmarty square. It is entirely free to ride and kids can enjoy two rounds before they have to go back in line to get back on the train again.

In the middle of Vörösmarty Square, there is a possibility to join some online games in which you compete with other people at the Christmas market. You need to scan the QR code and create a profile in order to take part. If you are lucky, you might even win some prizes.

By Stephen’s Basilica, the popular ice rink has returned.

Besides these additional programs, you will find all the popular stalls serving traditional Hungarian dishes, and of course, lots of stalls where you can buy handicrafts, sweets, and cool souvenirs from Hungary.

What are you waiting for? Come to Budapest and experience the Christmas markets yourself!

Currency converter (HUF/EUR/USD)

The Hungarian Forint is a currency that moves quickly in all directions, mostly downwards. What does that mean? The currency is falling in value compared to bigger and more popular currencies such as the Euro, Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, and smaller currencies such as the Swedish Krone and other currencies.

  • Would you like to find out how much one Euro is in Hungarian Forint?
  • If the price of a product is 10,000 HUF, how much is that in USD?

It is easy to find an answer to those and similar questions if you use the currency converter available on our page about the currency in Hungary. Not only can you find a currency converter there. You can read about where to exchange money in Budapest, what you need to look out for, the different bills and coins used in Hungary, and also some price examples. Are you only interested in how much you have to pay to buy a Big Mac in Budapest? Click the link to find out.

The HUF compared to other currencies.

Hungary joined the European Union in 2004. At that time, you could buy one Euro for approximately 250 HUF. It was at its strongest in 2008 when you “only” had to pay 230 HUF for one Euro. Since then, however, the general trend is pointing downwards (meaning that the Hungarians don’t like the trend). As a result, you must pay more to buy euros in Hungary.

the hungarian forint vs euro

The last year has been quite terrible for the Hungarian currency, seeing that it has jumped from 350 HUF per euro to a peak of 435 HUF per Euro. The current price as we write this article is 401 HUF per Euro, but to get an accurate number, use the converter below or at the currency page.

What is the value of the Hungarian Forint right now?

Check the actual prices of the Hungarian Forint compared to the USD, Euro, GBP, CHF, NOK, SEK, DKK, and other currencies right now.

Currency Calculator

From EUR

It is evident that the political situation in Hungary impacts the value of the Hungarian Forint. The present situation in which the Hungarian government often opposes the EU doesn’t help people trust the Hungarian currency. Many people also complain and say that the government doesn’t manage the gas crisis in a good way. To help people, they force shops to sell certain products at lower prices. What is the result? Those products are almost impossible to buy (as they are always sold out), and to earn money, the stores push the prices on all other products much more. In the end, customers pay much more than they did before. It is not a coincidence that inflation in Hungary is among the highest in Europe.

Does this influence you?

If you come to Budapest, you don’t really have to worry. You will get more HUF for your money than you would one year ago. But, at the same time, the prices have increased a lot, meaning that you will pay more in the end anyway. Even though you get 20% more HUF per Euro, you have to pay 50%-100% more for several products, meaning that we all lose. The biggest losers are, of course, the Hungarians.

Do not forget, however, that many stores in Hungary seem to have forgotten about the real value of the Euro. What do we mean?

If you enter a store and buy products that normally cost 1000 HUF, you can nearly always pay with euros. The only problem is that stores still believe that the price of one euro is 350-370 HUF. So, when you pay 1000 HUF which should be approximately 2.5 Euro, you will pay 3 Euro instead (or something like that). In the end, you pay even more than needed. How can you solve this? The best is to pay with card (and set the currency to HUF if asked) or to pay with cash.

If you want Hungarian Forint in cash, the best is to use an ATM. It is possible to use an exchange office as well, but you should avoid those in or near Vaci utca, as those use pretty bad exchange rates.

Is it safe to visit Budapest and Hungary with the present situation in Ukraine?

Have you been waiting for COVID to disappear so that you could finally come to Budapest (again)? But, as you finally started to plan your trip to Budapest again, the entire conflict between Russia and Ukraine showed up and suddenly you got one more reason to worry. But, do you need to worry about the conflict if you are coming to Budapest and to Hungary?

Hungary has more than 2150km of borders and the biggest part of this is the border shared with Slovakia at a total of more than 650km. The second-largest border is shared with Romania (443km), then followed by Austria with which we share a border of 366km. But, what about Ukraine?

The smallest border part in kilometers is with Slovenia (only 102km), and then comes Ukraine with which Hungary has 133km of common border. And yes, that can be experienced these days as the number of refugees entering Hungary from Ukraine might have reached 500,000 already.

But, it is very important to understand that on the Ukrainian side of the border, there are several cities and villages in which a large part of the population speaks Hungarian. So far, these villages and cities haven’t been attacked at all, meaning that they are still doing good, even though they are a part of Ukraine.

Is it safe to visit Budapest right now?
The Fishermen’s Bastion in Budapest – Source: Pixabay

What is the situation in Hungary?

The Hungarian people have done a wonderful job taking care of the people arriving in the country from Ukraine. Locals have opened up their homes and their wallets, and the government is also working with helping refugees coming to the country. Many of the refugees travel on to elsewhere in Europe from Hungary, while some reside here, hoping to stay here until the situation has calmed down in Ukraine so that they can return to their country once again.

As a tourist in Hungary…

If you come to Hungary as a tourist, you will most likely not notice anything at all. You might hear more of the Ukrainian language than normal, but since you most likely are unable to discern the languages you don’t know, you will not know whether the people you hear speak Hungarian or Ukrainian or any other language that you don’t know.

If you think about security, then there is no need to worry at all. It is considered a negative thing in general that the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Órban has a quite close friendship with Vladimir Putin, but if you think about the security of the country, then that might actually give it a little additional piece of security (if you fear Putin attacking areas outside Ukraine).

What about COVID?

Are you still worried about COVID as well? You might need to use a face mask on the flight carrying you to Budapest and to Hungary, but there is no need to use a face mask elsewhere in Hungary (besides if you have to visit a hospital or medical facility). There are still quite a lot of COVID each and every day and there are still quite some people dying due to COVID daily. However, people mostly live their lives like before COVID and all programs are available as they would normally be.

No matter what, you can come to Hungary without any worries. Get ready for a nice river cruise on the Danube, some tasty Goulash soup, and maybe a sweet sip of some wine from Tokaj?

Hungary is slowly opening again!

Hungary has been in strict lockdown since November, and for tourists, since April 2020. In other words, we have missed all tourists coming from abroad, and the tourist guides are working in grocery stores or being without work at home instead. But, there might be a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel!

Hungary is expected to reach 4,000,000 vaccinated people this week (that means, 4 million people who has received at least one vaccine). The government has promised that things will easen up once the number reaches 4 million, meaning that cinemas will be allowed to open once again, theaters can run their performances, and restaurants will be allowed to open up once again.

A week ago, restaurants were allowed to open their terraces, but once Hungary reaches 4 million vaccinated people, they will be allowed to use the inside space as well.

hungary tourists

Will a vaccination passport be required?

The messages haven’t been entirely clear yet about whether or not a vaccination passport will be required to visit the restaurants, go to cinema, and to enjoy a play in a theater. The government has mentioned that the activities should only be opened for those with a proof of vaccination, but many fear that this will be “racism”, especially those who believe that Covid is part of a play for Bill Gates to become even richer.

No matter what, Hungary is slowly opening, and most likely, tourists from abroad will be allowed to enter the country more freely this summer.

If you plan on visiting Budapest this summer, we do recommend that you get a vaccination. Without a vaccination, you might be foreced to do lots of tests upon arrival, quarantine and more… and you might experience that you will not be allowed to visit restaurants and more. In other words, you will have a way more pleasant stay and arrival if you have a proof of vaccination in your pocket!

We for sure hope that life will turn back to normal as quickly as possible! We look forward to seeing all of you in Budapest as quickly as possible!

Germans can now enter Hungary without limitations!

The Hungarian minster of Foreign Affairs (Peter Szijjarto) announced yesterday that people from Germany can now freely enter Hungary. This is good news for Hungarians living in Germany who wants to come home, and it is awesome news for Germans who want to come to Budapest for their summer holiday.

Hungary is slowly opening up their borders, and last week, it was made possible for people from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria to visit Hungary without limitations. Now the same can be said about people from Germany.

Germans can come to Budapest again
Germans can once again visit Budapest and Hungary.

This is good news, not only for those visiting Budapest, but also for those who want to spend their summer holiday by Lake Balaton. This is a very popular area among German tourists in the summer, and it is now once again a perfect destination for those who want to spend their summer holiday by the Hungarian “sea.”

For more information about visiting Hungary and whether or not you are allowed to visit Hungary, visit There you can also ask questions if you have such on the topic of visiting Budapest and Hungary.

Hungary will be closed for tourists as of today!

The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that Hungary will close its borders for all private persons who are not Hungarian. As a result, tourists will no longer be able to enter the country.

Hungary tourist stop

As a result, there will be closed doors for tourists, meaning that they will no longer be able to enter the country. Local restaurants who have suffered a lot already will suffer even more because of this. But, there is even more.

As of today, restaurants, bars, and other stores will have to close at 15.00. The only exceptions are pharmacies, grocery stores, and those closely related to those categories.

Some theaters and cinemas have been living with the chance to have gatherings for crowds with less than 100 people. But, as of today, they will have to close as well.

Viktor Orban also said that so far it has only been about individual cases of the coronavirus in Hungary. It is expected, however, that in the coming days and weeks it will turn into crowds.

For more news on the coronavirus in Budapest and Hungary, check this article!

Six new people diagnosed with the Coronavirus in Hungary

At the daily update on March 14, we have been told that the number of people diagnosed with the Coronavirus in Hungary has now grown to 25. That means an increase of six persons since yesterday. This is the biggest increase in one day so far in Hungary.

Covid-19 Hungary

We do not know anything about the people infected with the virus so far. But, they are all Hungarians, telling us that the virus is now spreading among people inside the country. All schools, universities, and kindergartens will be closed from Monday.

For more updates on the coronavirus in Budapest and in Hungary, check this article.