What is the Budapest Christmas market dates in 2014?

We have already received this question quite a lot of times, so here is the time to write an article concerning the date for the Christmas market in Budapest in 2014.

The truth is that the dates for the Budapest Christmas market in 2014 at Vörösmarty square have not been released yet. So, there is no good answer to the question yet, and normally these dates are only released late in September, or sometime in October. However, in general the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square opens somewhere around November 20th. But, in 2013 they delayed it a week, meaning that the Christmas market only opened on November 27th, so what will happen in 2014 is still not sure.

What you can know for sure is that if you arrive to Budapest in December the Christmas market at Vörösmarty square will for sure be open, but if you arrive in November you might have to live with a small risk of not being able to enjoy the market. If you arrive in the very end of November it should be there, but if you come somewhere near November 20th it might be that you can enjoy it (if they follow the tradition active until 2013), but if they follow the 2013 “tradition”, it might be that you will miss out on it.

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