Budapest in October 2012

If you are coming to Budapest in October there are quite a lot of nice programs waiting for you. In this month you can join in as the Hungarian celebrate their national day on October 23rd, you can check out the Palinka and Sausage festival (October 4-7), run in the biggest marathon of the year in Budapest (October 7), visit the CAFE festival (October 5-14) and do quite a lot of programs.

The average temperature is about 13 Celsius, but it can get much warmer, so bring both a t-shirt and a jacket.

If you wonder where you should stay while in Budapest, we can warmly recommend one of the following hotels:
Mercure City Center
Erzsebet City

This is a short article about Budapest in October, but if you want a much more informative and detailed information you should read the following article: Budapest in October by Budapest blog

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