Budapest Zoo to expand

Last week we finally expanded our register of activities in Budapest with the circus and the amusement park in Budapest. Yesterday then I read the news that the amusement park in Budapest is going to move in 2009, but it in still not clear to where. Budapest Zoo will take over the area now used by the amusement park, and though the very “old” and “unomveable” attractions will remain, everything else will be removed to the new location of the funpark.

From the zooBut with some attractions remaining the zoo will became an even greater hit for the families, and if it is now possible to use 2-3 hours there without a problem… what will the future bring?

By the way… do you know what can be seen on the picture on the right? That is the “Great Rock” from the Budapest Zoo, an artifical rock, around 100 years old!

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