Quantum of Solace in Budapest

While the newest James Bond film Quantum of Solace has had its premiere in several nations around the world already, it will reach the cinemas in Hungary this Wednesday (12 November). The film that has been seen by crowds already can be seen in all cinemas in Hungary, but watch out; if you do not want to hear Daniel Craig speak in Hungarian you should go to a cinema showing it with subtitles, instead of synchronized speaking. WestEnd (Palace Cinemas) shows the film only with syncronization, but it you go to Mom Park they will show it with english speaking and hungarian subtitles (but watch out… they will show it on three screens, but only one of them shows it with subtitles).

If you want to see a nicer film than James Bond you can also see High School Musical 3 and Madagascar 2 in the Hungarian cinemas in these days. But watch out with the language problems here as well (High School Musical is normally dubbed, but the singing remains in the original language).

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6 thoughts on “Quantum of Solace in Budapest

  1. Budapest Agent says:

    Tonight is the premier, right? I can’t wait to see it because I am an absolute Bond maniac. But I agree that the last Bond was not too good. Hope this one will be better.

  2. Budapest Guide says:

    You are right Mr. Agent! It has premiere tonight (though I originally wrote Thursday in the article… now fixed). Thanks for telling! If you want to then write a few words if you like the film or not after seeing it!

  3. lorne campbell says:

    I watched Quantum last night. Thought it too far Bourne like, really liked Casino Royale. I remember when all the usual suspects were being lined up to replace Brosnan, seeing Craig mentioned and thinking no way. I thought Clive Owen, from Croupier and the BMW promo movies (catch them if you can they are really good) was a better choice, but now maybe I am wrong, Craig is way better than I thought he would be. Of course since that beach scene its a lot easier to take a girl to see a bond movie.

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