Car Free day and Critical Mass Bicycle demonstration

Today is the Car Free Day 2008. This day is meant to encourage the citizens of Budapest to rather use public transportation, their feet or bicycle. Every September 22, people from around the world get together in the streets, intersections, and neighbourhood blocks to remind the world that we don’t have to accept our car-dominated society. So also in Budapest today.

In addition the Critical Mass Bicycle demonstration will be arranged in the city today. It will all start around 18:30 at the Heroes Square, and at 20:00 they will all meet at Moszkva Tér for a demonstration there. It is not one set track for all the bicyclists, but many will probably turn right on Oktogon and travel towards the Nyugati Pályaudvar, the Margaret Bridge and reach the Moszkva Tér from there. The other expected popular track will be through Deak Ferenc Ter, across the Chain Bridge and then from there reaching the Moszkva Tér.

Maybe someone will try to cross across the Elisabeth Bridge, and following the Attila Ut they will slowly reach the Moszkva Tér as well. No track has been set, so the bicyclists are free to go where they want to.

At 20:00 they will all gather at Moszkva Tér and lift their bicycles into the air, so if you are nearby bring a camera, make some nice pictures, send them to us, and tomorrow we will publish them at our webpage (off course crediting the pictures to you).

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